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Jen Predicts Dead Relative’s Death Dream


Ben and Mel have a huge dead tree in their front yard and we are all looking at it trying to decide how to get it down.  The government doesn’t want us messing with it so we blow on it and it breaks in half.  HA!  We go to a huge COSI like clothing store.  I am walking behind kids and find a lot of lost 10 dollar bills and change.. I collect it all and go home to count it.  There is a lot of money there and Matt makes me feel guilty for taking these kid’s money but I say that there would be no way to give it back, because there was no name on it.  I have a present that I found too and unfortunately there is a name and address on it so I have to take it back.

I go to a family reunion of both sides of Matt’s family. I am upstairs playing Tetris and Jen Vaughn comes up and says that she thinks Matt’s grandma is dead.  I say, no way, and go to the couch where Matt’s grandma is sleeping and moving around.  I am relieved and go back to my game.  A little later, Jen comes up again and says that Matt’s grandma is really dead this time. I think, wow that was sudden!  We celebrate Matt’s Great Uncle Everett’s birthday.  He looks really skinny from having surgery..   Jen says that he will die… and unfortunately, he does.  We have a double funeral 🙁 I am very sad and all of the family is crying and so remorseful as if they were in a tragic looking renaissance painting.  I decide the best way for me to get over the deaths is to go swimming in the lake outside the upstairs window.  I get half naked and ask Jen and Mel if they want to join me but they don’t.

ThE eNd

Awww….we didn’t join in? We’re so boring! haha Creepy dream with all the death predictions.

Posted by Jen on Jul 8, 2007 7:00 PM

That’s really sad.

Posted by Ben on Jul 9, 2007 9:20 AM

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