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Detailed Dreams


I went into a small grocery store.  It was in the mall and had glass windows facing out to the mall.  An Indian man ran it and I remember him having a tiny stuffed bear toy and it was wearing glasses.  The bear had a heart shaped pillow in its hands and it said “food”.  The Indian man kept putting the bear up to the window to see the food court… even though they were in a grocery store.  I left for a meeting and came back later to see a piece of paper on the ground that read “be back at 11” and then I left.  I ended up at marching band practice (gee, band is imbedded in my brain) and had to follow my sister in the melophone section.  After that I went to Tiffany Bell’s house (I haven’t seen her since high school graduation!) and we ate Butterfinger candy bars, drank wine and fed hummingbirds at her patio door.  We watched the traffic going by outside her window and commented how that would be annoying in the morning.  She had to leave so I went out the patio door and passed by a half melted snow man on the side of her driveway… She had a very tall house!  Later I went back to band and separated all of the kids who were talking too much.

ThE eNd

Wait, you can read things in your dreams? I thought the human brain’s lateralization didn’t allow for that. Eh, that’s probably just a myth of science though.

Posted by Ben on Mar 4, 2007 7:23 PM

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Random Dreams


I had many dreams last night that didn’t really have a story line so here they are:

I was dating a trailer park dude and we rode around in his VW van looking for his trailer.  We finally found it: it was the hardware store and it had shag carpet.  His mom and family were creepy.

I bought 2 rats: one was big, the other was tiny.  I was giving them a bath in the sink and one crawled down the drain and I was afraid that I lost him for good.  I got out a plunger and that make him pop right back up to me.

I was on a college campus at night looking for a certain party.  I ended up at a different party because I think I was a little too drunk to read the house numbers.  I remember sitting on a stuffed horse and hanging a picture wearing a purple suit.

Matt’s dad, Phil, had a gun holster on the sole of his foot and kept taking his gun out of it while we waited for the bus.  Matt’s cousins and I ran off and rode on the escalators.

My sister and I were going to the movies and were going to wait 3-4 hours for the certain movie we chose.  I got bored and went behind the food counter and started counting their money.  After that, I waited in my car in the theater lobby.  Finally it was time to see the movie and while I was walking towards the theater entrance, I saw a pair of fur underwear that I almost bought, but decided that they would be too warm.  When the movie was over, I went home to my tree house in the jungle.

ThE eNd

Fur underwear! Classic!

Riding escalators with Matt’s cousins is not all that unbelievable….

Posted by Hannah on Mar 5, 2007 6:35 PM

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Baby Dreams


Don’t know why I have been dreaming about babies… these dreams aren’t so happy either…

Brian, Matt’s brother, or Christi, Matt’s sister had a baby and they let me hold it.  Well it wasn’t like a real baby, and it looked more like a transformer action figure.  It was small like an action figure too.  I wasn’t too worried about the size but the head fell off while I was holding it!  I didn’t mean to do that!  OOPS

Dream #2

I FORGOT that I had a baby!  I ran to the fridge and found the baby.  It was fine but hungry…. so I fed it dog food and put it back in the fridge.  After eating thanksgiving dinner I remembered that I had the baby still and that I put it back in the fridge without burping it after it ate.  So I jumped up, ran to the fridge, got my baby out, and burped it.  It then sat up in a chair and we laughed about the fridge… then I put it back in the fridge for the night.

ThE eNd

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Band Dream


I had happened to be back in college band, on stage, about ready to play with the band… then realized that I hadn’t played for quite a while.  I looked around and the entire band was sitting on the floor on couch cushions, facing away from the audience… and to make matters worse, we often were playing with the huge curtains shut.  I somehow knew what we were playing and did ok with the group, then between songs I ate snacks and dug between the cushions for spare change.  The director told the band that in order for them to keep playing, the principal insisted that they go to the dentist this week!  I rushed off to my uncle (who I guess was a dentist in my dream) and waited on him to get out of bed.  The doorbell rang and I let the pizza dude in and forgot all about my teeth.

the end

Awesome dream! I’m jealous!

Posted by Hannah on Feb 23, 2007 10:42 AM

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Hardware Store Dream


I was at the hardware store checking in stock when a blond witchy woman in her 40s came up to the back shop counter.  She asked me if her teenage daughter could change her clothes in the bathroom in the back shop.  Before I could really answer, the lady and her daughter were pushing their way through the door marked “employees only”.  The woman had a son too and he was middle school aged.  He started flailing about, knocking down the screens and windows that had been repaired.  I warned the boy that he needed to stop and to leave the back shop area.  The mother decided to yell at me, stating that she and her children were fine and that I was out of line for telling her what to do.  As the boy kept tearing up the shop and the woman kept pushing us around, I asked Gary (a retired man who works at the store) if I could call the police on his cell phone.  Gary fiddled around with his phone for a while and finally got me the phone number.  I ran out into the store and waited for the police to answer… all the while, hoping they could get there before the lady got away.  I explained to the police what was happening and I remember specifically using the word “loitering” when describing the menacing family… although loitering was the least they were doing.  I told the police that the family hadn’t even purchased anything!>.  I had walked just outside the front door of the store so that the lady couldn’t hear me.  I glanced through the glass window and saw the blonde lady skipping through the isles singing at the top of her lungs… and her kids were running around the store knocking stock over.  The woman saw me looking at her and I begged the police to come soon.  While I was still on the phone, the lady came outside and got in her minivan, backed up and headed towards me!  I was then out-of -body, watching her driving towards me and I told myself to RUN!  Just as she was about to flatten me, a police car pulled up and pulled me in.  Now then my visuals get weird…. I was seeing my dream as if I was watching a COPS episode where you see what the car camera captures.  I could see in black and white, (with the time and date too) the mini van being chased by the police car that I was in.  I was being thrown around the cruiser and was struggling to get my seatbelt fastened… After a few moments, the minivan was pulling off onto a dirt road in the woods somewhere.  The cruiser that I was in followed the minivan but lost sight of it.  All of the sudden, I was in a cabin in the woods waking Chris and Allison up, asking them if they had seen the witchy lady… Chris tried to open the bedroom door, but a small dog was stuck under the door… which was quite a sight!  Once we realized that the dog was keeping us in, we freed him and ran outside to search for the crazy witchy lady…… however, I woke up and never found the lady!

I just wanted to make sure that you are seeking professional help. It seems to me that you might be a fries short of a happy meal.

Posted by DayWalker on Feb 22, 2007 1:34 AM

That’s neat!

Posted by Ben on Feb 22, 2007 6:09 AM

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