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Many Meaningful Dreams in one night!


I was awakened many times last night due to noises and annoying dogs, which allowed me to remember the dreams that I was having at those moments instead of just the early morning dreams.  (Plus I wrote them down when I was awakened). Plus I remember when Matt came to bed; he woke me up to say goodnight and rubbed my back.  I remember him talking but all I could say was mumbled words to him.  This morning he said that I wasn’t really awake.  So here we go with my dreams from last night!:

1.    There was an old truck and in the window of the truck it said “abandoned due to ……”  Matt and I took it home and put it in our driveway but it didn’t quite fit there.

2.   I was in a dark warehouse and Jessie from Full house was arguing with his family about a bunch of diamonds in front of me. I was examining them while the family apologized to Jessie.  I counted up money in front of me for the diamonds and was confused because my total was off, but then I saw that I miscounted the 112 dollar bill!  (Literally 112 was written on the one bill).  I then go to buy a green springtime book cover.

3.   I was on a bike at night on Cleveland Ave going to my parent’s house.  A red light changed to green but I couldn’t get myself to pedal.  My purse turned into my bike and I couldn’t get my legs in it right.  I went to the curb to walk there instead.   I was very upset.  An old man who was walking on the sidewalk chastised me for not keeping up with traffic.  I told him that was why I got off the road.  Suddenly my parents met me on the side of the road across from Minerva Park entrance and tried to hug me but I pushed them away literally.  My sister cried and her cry was loud.  I explained that I was upset that I couldn’t ride my bike correctly and that they would have to drive me home.

4.   I was in the hardware store where a customer was in the office with me.  He was wearing Matt’s flannel jacket and looked about 12.  He was flirting and wanting my name etc.  I told him that he’d have to find that out on his own.  He went out into the shop and was goofing around with a friend and was breaking screens and windows.  I came out and yelled at them.  The guy was holding up a lunch tray and I told him to set it down.  He threw it in the trash and ran onto the sales floor.   I ran after him screaming, “Come back here you asshole!”  He ran out the front door and I scanned the area looking for him.  He had run into CK nails and hid out with the ladies.  I ran in and cornered him.

5.   I was in the back of the hardware store with the gang (i.e. sulsers, Corbins, Vaughns, Ross’s, nines, etc) I was telling them about the punk from my last dream.  Someone had there dog there and I kept messing up its name, calling it “Oil”.  The owners got upset.  We all ended up at Sulsers place (which was my sister’s apartment).  And some of the gang went to the basement to play Mousetrap.  The rest were going to watch a movie but someone spilled a red drink on the carpet and I cleaned it with Incredible.  I was topless and knew that it was out of place.  The girls got mad at me for talking too much.   A little girl was there who was tiny… like doll baby size and was telling me that she dyed her hair orange and that her mommy and daddy would be mad.

6.   I was back in time in a school building and was a man.  I was wearing a huge tie with shiny, black shoes.  I could barely get under the doorways and it was awkward.  I was told to ring the bell to end classes but I kept ringing the fire alarm.   I was yelled at.  The students were supposed to go to the library when it rang and I had to explain that it wasn’t real.  The students were mad at me for messing up the day.

7.   I was walking down a road on a very sunny day.  Corn fields were all around me and I was carrying huge purple Easter baskets.  I dropped them in the road because they were too heavy.  I sat in the grass to figure out how to best carry them I put the straps on my arms and it worked.  Then the baskets weren’t baskets but children and even one pregnant lady.  I looked behind me toward a beautiful white country home and was told by a very large man to wave at the people in the window.  They were silhouettes and waving back.  I went down the road, carrying everyone, and felt very proud.

8.   Matt was pushing a wheelbarrow up a long driveway with very green grass all around.. There was a lot of dead grass too that I wanted to rake up but it was acres of grass and decided not to.  Matt said that we had money to go out to eat.  And I helped him push the wheelbarrow up the hill.

ThE eNd

there were a lot of road and night and day and changes of attitude by the end of the night.  I think this illustrates how we subconsciously work out our problems while dreaming.

It’s fascinating to read these, and I thank you for sharing them. I think you’re right about how our subconscious mind can work toward solving problems while we dream. Very fascinating indeed!

Posted by Ben on Mar 31, 2007 4:48 PM

I think you are right about how we try to work out our problems when we dream. I have dreams like #3 a lot…I am always trying to run or walk or something and I can’t do it for some reason.

Posted by Jen on Apr 1, 2007 11:30 AM

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Castle-Pizza Dream


I was laughing with a group of girls who thought my jokes were really funny.  We all decided to go out to get pizza.  We all got dressed up and the girls thought my silver/sparkly high heels and fuzzy pink socks looked really cool!

We called ahead for a table of 20 at the Castle Pizza place and then walked there.  When we got there, I looked out the windows down to the courtyards and thought they were pretty.

We got seated and Maren Bennett from elementary school brought us our pizza.  We had a good time.

A tidal wave came and I had to hold onto a gymnasium wall pad and almost drowned… but it was fun though.

ThE eNd

I hope none of the pizza got wet from the tidal wave. That would be sad.

Posted by Ben on Mar 28, 2007 4:57 AM

Hang the pizza! I’m worried about the shoes and socks!

Posted by Hannah on Mar 28, 2007 9:30 AM

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Heilicopter Dream


It was a dark fall evening on campus and I was flying a huge helicopter that looked like a limo inside. Looking down, I could see all the city lights. My helicopter turned into a helicopter-glider (like inspector gadget). I was just strapped to the blades as they spun overhead. I needed to pick up my old roommate in her dorm room. I flew right up by her window for her to jump out to ride with me. Then I was just flying without any machine but I was floating like I was a helicopter. I could fly though the wall to her dorm and pet her cat and then fly out again.

ThE eNd

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Crazy Fun Dream


Matt’s dad was building a sun room on my house (but it didn’t’ look like my real house)  It was all glass and my parents came over and we made kool-aid.  After that, matt’s dad was on his motorcycle in my front yard (in Huber Ridge) I took pictures of him and then I took pictures of Susie and me on another motorcycles.  We looked all bad ass!  I also took pictures of clovers against a newly fallen snow covering the grass…

I was in an elevator with Matt and a group of kids were going up to the top floor.  Matt and I decided to get off the elevator a floor early and ride up on the escalator but when we got off the elevator I started to go on the escalator going down… Matt chastised me for that… So we got back on the elevator and got to the top floor.  There, my HS band director, Mr. Parker, was waiting in line to ski down a massive snowy hill.  I watched a number of people skiing with poster board taped to their shirts.  I gave it a try and decided that the poster board was acting like a sail and knocking me over, so I just used the normal ski equipment.  I wobbled here and there and finally got it.  I had to go over a hill and do like they do in the Olympics where they glide through the air.  Well, I didn’t do too badly, but fell in a pile of snow anyway and made a dent in the cliff.  An old man went next and decided to sled down the hill in a rectangle wooden box.  He used the ski sticks for paddles and when he got to the hill he crashed when he hit my dent in the snow.  I laughed and then felt badly about that so I went to help his get out… I got all wet from the snow melting around me while I was sitting in the snow.  I pushed myself back up the hill.

Later, a bunch of cows were chasing me because I had a bunch of colored balls that were flavored.  The cows would catch me and eat my balls but I got away with one ball. I ran into a dark room with a huge window looking out towards the night sky and lightening flashed and made me drop my last ball.  An ant picked it up and it got away.  I lost all of my balls!

ThE eNd

Oh man. Cows trying to eat your balls. I don’t think that’s an image I ever wanted to have.
(but it’s still funny!)

Posted by Ben on Mar 20, 2007 5:24 PM

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Another Band Dream


I was in a band setting again and my old section leader, ceeann was there and she hugged me.  After that I went down town to a furniture store with really mystical furniture made out of branches and  vines.  Then I caught the bus and rode home I guess.

ThE eNd

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Water Dream


This is a choppy dream:

I was swimming in a lagoon and dolphins came swimming up to me and I pet their pretty little heads.  Then I climbed up on a boat and went to a hotel where I painted the room red and blue stripes.  I was upset that I couldn’t be out with the dolphins.  I went to the hotel pool though to take a break from painting, and played with some of the kids there.  I did back flips and then got bored with that.  The dream changed all of the sudden and I was getting my car washed.  I had to wait in line outside of my car and my uncle Marty was in line too.  I commented that every time I get my car washed, he was always there too.  He said it was because he had to get his police cruiser washed during his lunch break (although in real life he is a pilot…??)  After my car was ready I was on the freeway and my cousin Jenny was riding a horse by me.  She was dressed all in green and she rode up by my car, opened the passenger door, and yelled something like “have a good day!”.

ThE eNd

ps… I also dreamed that the entrance to my old high school was a quarry full of water… Justin R. poured dawn dish detergent in it and the whole thing bubbled over… I hid because I didn’t want to be blamed for it… so I flapped my arms and flew away!

You flapped your arms and flew away?! I love your imagination

Posted by Allison on Mar 19, 2007 3:30 PM

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Another Ryan Seacrest Dream


No, I am not obsessed with Ryan Seacrest but in this dream he was my male escort to some sort of beauty contest.  He suggested I go to this contest while we were swinging on some park swings.  I went into a tent, where I was surrounded by a group of ladies who began to airbrush a tan on my legs.  Then they did my hair as I lay on my side… They had other girls in the tent who were getting ready for the contest too.  My sister and sister-in-law looked so beautiful.  The ladies said that I was all ready, but I didn’t remember them doing my makeup or getting a dress for me… I looked in the mirror though and I had a gaudy black dress with puffy sleeves on.  MY hair was long and curled.  I was shoved off to the contest… which consisted of a long Wizard of Oz hallway.  We were in cars with our dates (Mine was Ryan Seacrest.)  I guess there was some kind of vote, because Ryan said that I was not in the final group.  I had to get off of my car and stand in the shadows… I started goofing off and then noticed that my sister and my sister-in-law had made it to the final stage… I was jealous that I wasn’t as pretty… and why had those ladies dressed me that way anyway??

ThE eNd

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Monkey Squirrel Dream


I was in a high school classroom.  The teacher was chastising me for calling a boy next to me stupid.  I felt embarrassed but felt that the boy deserved it.  I left the room upset and headed for the bathroom where I took a dump.  Then I felt better and went back to class.  Everyone was drawing.  So I began to draw too… I drew a big monkey with some squirrel characteristics.  It had big eyes and a big fat fuzzy tail.  I was happy about my drawing until another classmate told me that we were supposed to be drawing a quilt.  OOPS!  I was very frustrated but I didn’t want to trash my monkey squirrel.  I began to draw a quilt lying on the monkey squirrel.  It was looking nice!  The whole class gathered around to watch me draw.  The monkey squirrel started coming to life and I just smiled, as if I expected it to.  The monkey squirrel farted and everyone laughed.

ThE eNd

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War Dreams


Underwater, I could just barely make out the ship that my crew was on.   I was swimming around with a machine gun and two of my dogs: Dixie and Casey.  Apparently, I was in a war!

My dogs and I hurried up, trying to get to the ship, while we were hearing explosions muffled by the water.  The clouds of bubble all around me made it hard to tell which way was up and which way was down.  Once we reached the ship, the dogs had a hard time getting on board, and I was worried that they would be lost in the ocean, separated forever!  Well, the rest of the crew managed to get them on board and, exhausted, I fell asleep.

On the military bus later, I sat next to a man who was thrilled that we were at war.  Tired and anxious, I told him that my dogs were almost lost at sea and that I didn’t want to be at war.  I hugged my dogs who were cuddled up next to me and looked out the bus window… seeing our new war zone destination; I didn’t want to die.

The bus load gathered their military gear and headed to the entrance to an airport terminal.  I told my dogs to stay behind, because I couldn’t fight while I was worried about where they were.  I tied up my boots and grabbed my sack lunch and looked back and my dogs for what I thought could be the last time I ever saw them.

In the terminal, all the women were dressing up in wedding dresses for some weird reason…  The revolving doors made it difficult to get through with all the yards of material dragging behind each girl.  Through the doors was an eating commons and stations set up with sewing supplies and gun ammo.  My friend Mel Nines was having trouble with her 20 foot train on the back of her dress and ended up ripping it up in the revolving door.  I asked another co-military gal, Allison Young if I could borrow her sewing supplies to fix Mel’s dress.  All she had was one safety pin so I had to make due with that.   We managed to fix Mel’s wedding dress just in time for the drill sergeant to call us to get our stuff together and get our asses out to the trucks!

It was dark outside and we had to form groups for loading the trucks.   The women all grouped up separate from the men and we crawled into the dirty trucks.  We were back in our normal olive-green uniforms again and waited for what was to come next.

We were handed necklaces that had our father’s picture and our picture on them to remind us that our parents were thinking of us…. that was a bizarre ritual in my opinion.

Anyway, before I was ready for it, the drill sergeant opened the back doors on the truck and screamed, ” Go!”, as he jumped out into the cross fire all around the truck.  All the gals joined him but I didn’t have any weapons!  One of the enemy fighters came in the truck, pointing his rifle at my head, yelling at me in another language.  I curled up in a corner and covered my head.  I was waiting for him to shoot and instead someone shot him from behind, leaving all of his weapons.   Grabbing the easiest thing to reach, I got on my knees and crawled to the edge of the truck.  A friend ran by and showed me how to use the weapon in my hands and told me that it was called a bazooka!

Looking out of the back of the truck I saw chaos: explosions, smoke and people screaming as they were dying.  Clenching my bazooka, I slowly lifted it up and aimed at an enemy truck.  As much as I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I was too afraid of dying myself; I blew up that truck and many others after it.  My truck became the haven for my side and people began to gather back in as I blew up the enemy, practically all by myself….

We made it home safe and I decided to go visit my parents.  I still had the bazooka and they didn’t listen to me when I told them that I had killed others in a war… which is understandable since I had never been in the military before that weekend.  I went to the backyard, pulled out my bazooka and blew up their lawn….. After that, they believed me!

ThE eNd

Oh WOW. I never knew you had such violent tendencies…… Right. My question is what the hell were your dogs doing there? And did you get them back after you were done blowing shit up. I also think that you should write some short stories based on this stuff. You could title it Dream Tales, short stories inspired by the dreams I have…..


Posted by DayWalker on Mar 4, 2007 3:19 PM

It’s a…. it’s a…. BAZOOKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ben on Mar 4, 2007 3:55 PM

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