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Wild Party Dream


Dream #1

I was the character, Izzie from Grey’s Anatomy. I was drinking in dark house and a guy named Steve asked if I wanted some of his cake and I said yes. We became friends and partied. We went outside and these weird men dressed as skeletons, were up in the trees. They would yell and then jump, killing themselves when they fell on the lawns. I was scared so “Steve” and I went to his house and laid on the couch. We got flirty and wanted to have sex. Then I am watching in the third person as “Izzie” and “Steve” have some serious sex. Later I go to “Steve’s” house as Izzie and want to kiss but he is busy cleaning up his house with his mom.

Dream #2

Matt and I have dated for 5 long years. He gets down on one knee in front of my family and asks me to marry him. I say yes right away and jump down and kiss him.

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Donut Dream


I am at work and a lady that I don’t know brings me donuts. Unfortunately, they were chocolate and I don’t like those kind.

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Prom Dream


I went to the prom alone in my pretty prom dress. Matt got there late and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We got in a fight about prom attire. I decide to just go home. I hitch a ride on a motorcycle with a 3 foot tall girl. It was dark and raining. The bike keeps stalling and I am worried that the wolves in the forest will come and get us. The bike limps us to my mansion. I go up one of 3 stairways to my room. Cathy, a friend’s parent, is my mom. I decide to stay up and play a Sound of Music game with the family and 100 strangers outside. We have huge marching band acting like the Nazis. I have to stand there for 20 minutes watching the “army” march. The sun is rising behind me. It is a tiny red ball. I leave to go meet Susie and Phil at a plaza nearby. There is a Guns & Terrorist Convention and the terrorists show us different metal numchuck weapons. I am upset by this and start to cry. I leave and head back to my mansion. Cathy is pregnant and in the shower with her husband. I get her attention and she comes out and comforts me.

ThE eNd

Yeah, I’d much rather be in a mansion than at a Guns & Terrorist Convention myself.

Posted by Ben on Jul 9, 2007 9:08 AM

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Naked at Hardware Store Dream


I was in the utility closet at the hardware store and was completely naked.  I hear someone come in the back door so I try closing the utility closet door.  I didn’t shut it in time and a new employee saw me.  I had all of my clothes with me in the utility closet except a shirt so I had to walk through the shop to the office to get a shirt on.  I had to explain to Matt why I was naked and why my shirt was in the office and not with me.  He was upset that I was naked at the store.

I was couch shopping in the 80’s and found a curvy couch.  I sat down to try it out and it was a Bob Evan’s booth.  A waiter came over and asked me what I wanted to drink.  Important people were sitting in the couch next to me and Matt. We all sat together and ate Bob Evan’s food.

I was getting married and my bouquet was a full size rose bush.  George Bush Sr. and his wife were at my wedding.  His wife was acting nutty and we asked them to leave.  Maria from the Sound of Music was there too!   Everyone but the bridesmaids was wearing Maria’s Teal Dress that she wore in the Gazebo scene.  I didn’t want to take a nap before the wedding so I bounced around the room at my Huber Ridge house.  I asked my dad if he’d add a pair of my jeans to his load of laundry.

ThE eNd

You have a lot of dreams about being naked.

Posted by Ben on Jul 9, 2007 9:04 AM

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Theater Baton Dream


I was on stage playing my clarinet.  I couldn’t find my sheet music so I went out to the hallway to look for it, as if that was a good place to find missing sheet music.  I had a drum major baton and white, elbow-length gloves.  I dropped my baton in the hallway but didn’t pick it up.  I went to where the audience was sitting, wanting to go back to retrieve my baton, but I didn’t.  I found some sheet music in my bedroom on a shelf but it was for the French horn and not the clarinet, so I went back to the auditorium and just watched the concert.

ThE eNd

Of course, hallways are the BEST place to look for missing sheet music! Everyone knows that.

Posted by Ben on Jul 9, 2007 9:02 AM

I love all these band/clarinet dreams! I had one the other night. Deep-seated anxiety dreams are often the most amusing.

Posted by Hannah on Jul 9, 2007 11:16 AM

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Fake Pregnant Dream


I was getting out of my car, which was my office, and put on a backpack on the front of myself so that I would look pregnant.  I put a shirt on over the backpack and walked around a movie studio lot.  I had an appointment on 12th street at 12:30 and as I walked through the alleys, I passed a doctor who was sitting in a black leather couch by a dumpster.  He had an old black phone by him.  He was using that space as his office.  My back was hurting from the weight of my backpack so the doctor led me into a stairwell and up the stairs.  I was in the 30’s and was running away from an obsessed bad guy.  The doctor hid me in some movie costumes and I blended in with the cast of a musical production that was being filmed.  Matt was one of the cast members and he helped me hide from the bad guy.  Through this encounter, I fell in love with Matt.  We sat close together behind stage and ended up kissing, like all good 30’s romantic movies!

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Plastic Surgery Army Dream


I had joined the army. I was standing at ease and I asked the sergeant if I could pick up a pamphlet and he said “Yes Ma’am.” I was doing well in the army and had a medieval looking painting win a competition there. I visited my mom and dad and they had both had plastic surgery. They had their eyelids fixed, their teeth replaced, etc. My dad didn’t like his new teeth because they were too white. He was still healing because his eyelids were swollen.

I went to a bar where a lady, a huge lady, showed everyone her boobs. Another woman nearby told on her to the DJ and they made the large lady leave the bar 🙁

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Different Era Party Dream


I am in another era, mid 40’s I suppose.  A scream is heard at a party of friends.  All of the girls run out of the party room.  The husband of one of the girls goes to see what the scream was.  Another guy says that it was all they can do is to check on the noise.  The husband breaks down and cried when he returns.  He thinks that it was his wife that was murdered but he goes back to where the scream was and his wife is alive.  She was faking her death so that she could leave the country.  The husband gets mad that she was being so selfish.

ThE eNd

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Naked Seminar Dream


I was in a seminar and I was semi-naked.  I was with friends on the carpet eating popcorn with our book bags near us.  I was living in a home with the walls not completed yet.  It was sunset and I was outside looking at my wall-less house.  I hid behind the 2X4s when a strange man came up and I was eating a Sunday.

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Barn Stall Dream


My sister Emily has a farm and she shows me around. She leads me to a barn stall and it is FULL of poo.  The poo is covered in snow though so I can’t tell if I am walking in it or not.  I assume I am.  I take my trash bag out to the compost pile in the corner of the pasture.

I am at work with my boss Bev.  She tells me that she found a catalog in the printer that I got stuck.  I tell her that I shouldn’t have tried to use it in the printer.  I tell Bev that I need to wash my hair before going to an exercise class.  I get to the exercise place to sign up for classes but I didn’t want to sign up.  I walked back to my car naked and I was afraid that 6 people were going to be waiting in my car for me to hurt me.  When I got there, no one was in my car.

ThE eNd

Emily with a barn full of snowy poo.
What an interesting visual that is!

Posted by Ben on Jul 9, 2007 8:57 AM

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