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Dead Cat Daycare


I was dropping of my cat (which I don’t actually own) at this cat sitting place.  I looked around and saw dead cats around the back yard but it didn’t register.  I just said bye to my cat and went home.  By the time I was going home, it was dark.  I was in a suburb and I had orange slippers on and decided instead of walking, I would slip/skate home.  I slipped through someone’s home before they knew I was there and left through a little girl’s bedroom window… I stopped to look at the old 80’s toys and trinkets.

ThE eNd

Poor cats.

Posted by Ben on Nov 30, 2007 5:44 AM

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Toothpic Phone Dream


While visiting an artsy hippie lady that I didn’t know, I went into the bathroom. While I was there, I answered her phone, which was a toothpick! It was hard to use… but I heard the other person say that they needed to talk to the hippie lady. I left the bathroom and told the lady that the phone was for her. She took the toothpick and started yelling at me for answering the toothpick phone. She said she didn’t want to talk to that person so she threw up her arms and yelled and threw things. I grabbed my stuff and got in the car with Matt and we drove off. We met up with Sarah S. who married Chris C. Allison came over and she brought Brian V who was her husband… it was a soap opera situation… and they were all fine with it and were still friends!

I went to my parent’s first house that they bought and found a baby buggy. I decided that it used to be attached to the bathtub and there was a changing table with it too. I ran into my brother and he didn’t know me. He said my blonde sister got into drugs and I saw her under the overpass, in street run-off water, smoking pot. A creepy masked guy was hovering in the corners!

ThE eNd

Yeah, I can definitely picture Emily slipping into the homeless junkie lifestyle.

Posted by Ben on Nov 15, 2007 6:39 AM

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Mouth Gun Dream


A man was in this old house and I was visiting there. He went crazy, opened his mouth which revealed the barrel of a gun and started shooting! All the people there died but me. I run outside and sit by the lilac bush, picking at the blossoms. The man comes out and apologizes… I show him the flowers.

I run to Meijer and I am looking for Barbies and teabags. I need to put the teabags on my face for relief. The Barbies are for nothing in particular.

Outside at the Meijer gas station, I am with my sister and I laugh at her 80’s attire (purple parachute pants and a really blousy top.) I look down and I too am dressed very similar and laugh at myself.

ThE eNd

That is a crazy dream! The mouth gun thing would be great in a freaky scary movie.

Posted by Jen on Nov 14, 2007 10:44 PM

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Cave Dream


I was on a hiking trip with Matt’s family.  We ended up at this really really clean cave that had that garage floor sealer on it.. in a nice pewter grey… but the floor was bumpy…like big bubble bumpy… it was hard to walk on and I was worried about losing stuff out of my backpack!

ThE eNd

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