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Redneck Dream


Matt’s family and I needed a ride from where we were…. and we saw a very large lady, wearing a bikini and a small tank top, yelling at her husband and son. The husband and son were trying to get their pick-up truck out of the mud and said once it was out; they’d give us a ride.

We ended up at an ice cream shop with the redneck family and they offered to buy us ice cream. There were no names to choose from on the ice cream bins and I asked what flavor Susie got. She said that she didn’t know until she tasted it. She said it tasted funny, so I asked the ice cream worker what flavor the pink ice cream was and she said it was chicken flavored. Um, I decided to not get any of that ice cream.

As I was finishing up ordering… or lack of ordering, Matt and his family had disappeared. I asked the redneck woman where they were and she said they were in the bathroom taking a shower because there was no shower at the redneck family’s home. I decided that I would take a shower too since I didn’t want to end up stinky like the redneck family. I went to the bathroom, where Susie and Phil were in one shower and matt was in another. I joined matt and he pointed at the bean puke on the shower floor so that I wouldn’t step in it. After I was clean, I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and began to get lightheaded. I blacked out and fainted on the bathroom floor!

The next thing that I knew, Matt’s family was telling me that we were running away from the redneck family. We were at a snowy hill and decided to roll away. I rolled so much that I was a huge snow ball and got stuck in the snow. The redneck’s hounds were chasing us and couldn’t smell me through the snow. When I couldn’t hear the dogs anymore I dug my way out and saw Matt and his dad walking my way in huge bird foot shoes that left yellow prints in the snow. We laughed!

ThE eNd

Wow. Chicken flavored ice cream. That’s… classy.

Posted by Ben on Mar 19, 2007 9:05 PM

Well at least this isn’t violent like the others…..I see the therapy is helping

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Posted by DayWalker on Mar 19, 2007 9:10 PM

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