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European Movie Dream



I was in Europe, minding my own business on a park bench. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and another American actor were sitting on the next bench over, completely naked, filming a movie. I tried to ignore them by reading my book that I had with me. I got up and left when Julia was leaning on George. I walked around the city but was having difficulty waking. My hips were aching. Tourists were speaking all sorts of foreign languages and there was a marketplace set up like in the Arabian countries. I pass the marketplace and go into a HUGE mall. The same movie was being filmed here too and I just couldn’t get away from the naked American actors. I went to a hair accessories store and they said that the hair band that I wanted was 144 dollars! I was shocked and upset. I walked through Jerusalem and went up on the highest building where I saw that all of the buildings below spelled out “God is One” in Hebrew. I was surprised that I knew how to interpret Hebrew.

Dream #2

I was back in school, wearing a big, bulky purple sweater. A crocheted doll was sewn on the front of the sweater so I cut it off. I figured that having a doll attached to my chest would look a little silly at school. Because of my fashion emergency, I was running late to school.

ThE eNd

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