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Babysitting Dream


As soon as I passed through my office door at work, I was told that I was to baby-sit today. I welcomed the first girl in, sat on the floor with her and asked if she wanted to color. She said she wanted a snack. As I got up and went to the mini fridge to retrieve something, a few more kids came in wanting snacks, games, etc. I found some graham crackers and honey and proceeded to make sandwiches out of them. Some kids were being picky and rude and I told them to be polite and wait their turns. With sticky fingers, I reached in the fridge to pull out some drink boxes for them and decided that I was tired of babysitting already.

I was like Maria from The Sound of Music and took the kids on a fieldtrip outside even though I didn’t actually plan it. We all just ended up outside in a field. There was a large wall that we sat by and took off our shoes.

Once the kids’ shoes were off, they ran away towards a forest parallel to the wall. I was finishing taking off my shoes and as I stood up, a large bull came right up to me. He put his right horn on my left cheek and it was threatening. I didn’t make eye contact and slowly walked towards the forest.

We ended up at a home of a few of the kids. I had all but the smallest child’s shoes and worried that I had left them in the field by the bull. I went to the bathroom and when I was done, I got in the back part of the cab of this black pickup truck. I found the little boy’s shoes there and tucked them away for him.

I ended up at a stadium. It was grey and misty outside. I was alone and asked this old lady outside the gate if I could go sit in the stadium. She said that I could try. I went through the gate, and saw teenagers all around sitting still very quiet, watching a movie projected on a screen. I joined them and young boy asked how long I was married for.

Matt showed up and said that we could get married while we were here in France. I thought that it was a good idea except that my parents were not there and it upset me a little. Matt assured me that it would be nice since his mom was planning it. I agreed and we went off to plan.

ThE eNd

I can hear your biological clock ticking way the freak up here…lol

Posted by Hunker on Aug 27, 2008 2:46 PM

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Cornfield Dream


It was late at night. Matt and I were walking on a small path right between two cornfields. As we walked through we were afraid of being caught by some bad guys that were getting near to us. We ducked back into the field and found that we were now trapped in the field because a fence was now bordering the entire path. The sounds of the bad guys caught up to us and everything went black.

I woke up on a ship below deck. There was a maze that Matt and I had to traverse through. We would explore and a voice of one of our captors would occasionally speak to us, telling us we were going the wrong way. We wound up looking at a glass room, full of red and orange lighting. About a dozen or so men and women were trapped inside the box. We walked towards them and found ourselves inside too. Everyone discussed how they ended up in this boat cage. The glass opened and we were all to follow a dark blue tunnel on the outer edge of the boat. We grew tired and took a break at an opening where there were isles of cereal there for us to eat: Mostly Cheerios and Fruit loops. Once finished, we followed the tunnel that led to the boat deck. We started to get excited that we were able to see the sky after being kept from it. As soon as the feeling came, it passes as we saw a huge wave coming over the edge of the boat. We tried to run back into the tunnel, but the water came too fast… I held my breath, and hoped to float to the top before my air supply ran out, but it didn’t happen. I struggled to stay awake and then the blue light faded away.

ThE eNd

The best part of this was you had Matt with you…

Posted by Hunker on Aug 25, 2008 9:39 AM

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Swimsuit and Holdup Dream


(Sorry to Lou and Delphine in advance!)

I was at work looking through old photos of Lou as a prisoner in a jail.  He was wearing the orange clothing and in some pictures his facial expression was evil and creepy to say the least.  I was thinking “oh well, he is not like that anymore.  Delphine and Lou came into work and Delphine was different.  She was acting off and Lou said that she was “crazy” now… she should be in a mental home but wasn’t.  While sitting at my desk, most of my co-workers came in to hang out in the dark.  Lou sat to my right and welcomed everyone in.  As soon as some people started to leave, Lou pulled out a gun, ordering them to stay.  There was a 911 button to my left and I reached over to Joy to give her something and pushed the button and winked at her to let her know it would be okay.  A faint red light flashed and so I pushed the picture frame holding a picture of Matt and me in front of it.  Right away, a delivery man came to the door and Lou went over to tell him to go away but the delivery man was the police and told Lou to freeze!  Lou aimed his gun but the cop shot him and killed him.  Everyone was thanking me for thinking fast and pushing the 911 button because we weren’t sure when he would have tried to shoot us.

I went the water park of some sorts with Matt.  We were walking up the stairs to go down the water slide.  I was wearing a thong bottom piece and Matt thought it was just a wedgie.  Matt decided to take off his trunks until he got to the top, which was interesting.  We made it to the top and my suit became a lacy thing that was ripping.  I was pretty upset because I wouldn’t have anything to change into.  I walked through an amusement park turn style gate but it was arm length above my head and I had to jump to reach it.  The slide lifeguard was upset with me that I was cheating to ride the slide.  I got it turned and walked toward the slide.

ThE eNd

How anyone can mistake a thong for a wedgie is beyond my comprehension…

do you dream mostly in color?

Posted by Hunker on Aug 22, 2008 4:7 PM

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Miichael Phelps Dream


I have had 2 dreams where Michael Phelps was being interviewed.  At first, I was thinking these events actually have happened but then realized that they were a dream:

Michael came out on stage to a sports interview.  He was wearing an old lady’s dress:  blue with little white flowers.  He had black men’s socks and tennis shoes on.  He had pearl earrings and makeup on.  The announcer questioned him about his cross-dressing habits.  The media was all over this coming out!

The next dream he was being interviewed and he toned down his garb.  He wore a ladies black suite (somewhat masculine) and kept his makeup on.  The media seemed to have settled down and were accepting of his lifestyle or wardrobe decision.

You are a strange and disturbed individual….

That must be why we get along… LOL

Posted by Hunker on Aug 14, 2008 1:42 PM

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R.O.U.S. Dream


I was at my plantation style home and friends were helping me mow my lawn that had gotten out of control.  I looked around towards the east side of our house to see that they were adding stones to the side yard.  Massive boulders that lined the yard in a row, as straight as an arrow, protruded from the earth.  The men working on it had pulled up the lawn as if it were a rug on a Victorian wood floor.  Once the stones were finished, they simply laid the lawn back down and tucked it in where stone and earth met.  Looking out towards the drainage tunnel in our yard, the workers had put in gorgeous trees, full of color and flowers.  The trees were framed in with the same cold stones that seemed to stand at attention like soldiers near the house.  They framed a path for the water to gather, creating a picturesque park-like stream.
I was heading off to a shopping center, full of Grecian pottery and sculptures lining the walkways.  Wrought iron lamps lit the way in the twilight as I wandered around, walking on the whitened pavement.  I ran into an old friend and we walked inside a movie theater but instead of having featured movies playing, they instead had images of movie posters covering the walls and we were to choose one to watch.  The idea was overwhelming but I chose a poster near the ticket taker: Indiana Jones.  That movie always works as a backup when confronted with such stressful movie-watching decisions.  I first went into a restroom and while in the stall, I had forgotten my white, men’s dress shirt outside the stall, being trampled on by those entering and exiting the restroom, both men and women.  Some little children kicked it to the side, and I became less apprehensive of its location.  When I came out, we decided to have our picture taken with my parents who were going to join us at the movies.  I asked a young thin woman walking by to graciously take our picture and showed her the correct buttons to push.

We walked off toward our homes and as we passed the sculpted shrubbery, I noticed large rodents the size of men who were crawling around like toddlers.  Casually I commented how they were R.O.U.S.’s (reference from the Princess Bride movie).  The rodents came close enough to cause some alarm but were harmless, merely creeping along looking for scraps of food.

Too much tequila before bed?

Posted by Matt on Aug 1, 2008 7:40 PM

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