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Refinishing Old Table


There was a dirty table at my work’s old building upstairs. When we were moving, I asked if I could have it and some people asked me why I’d want that ugly thing. I saw some potential under the grit and grime and thought I could make it a kitchen table. I sanded off the scratches and dinks and ground in graphite for over 5 hours. I stained it with a red oak stain and then varnished it with 6 layers (sanding lightly in between each layer). Finally, it is finished and it turned out better than i hoped! Now all I need are some black chairs to go better with the table… but those cost money and can wait…. I love FREE!!!

Nice job Becky! That turned out really good. I’m impressed, all those months at the hardware store paid off!

Posted by Chris on Oct 25, 2008 9:34 PM

Just beautiful!!! Nice job!

Posted by Jen on Oct 27, 2008 9:02 PM

freakin” awesome table!!!!

Posted by Hunker on Oct 28, 2008 12:25 PM

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Creepy Baby and Bull Dream


I was on a trip and my stomach felt full the whole time but I hadn’t eaten. I went to a bathroom mirror and looked in my mouth. There was a string in my mouth so I started to pull on it. What came out with it was surprising: a long bit of food, steak, ooze etc. It was gross and when it was finally out, I felt much better. I went to a room where my baby sibling was hiding in a box. He popped out and was hungry. He bit at me and I was really disturbed by this. He started going crazy and my “dad” (just a make believe dad) had to use surgical scissors, cutting a slit in the baby’s mouth towards his cheek. Then he got a medical needle and shot the baby with medicine (like a tranquilizer). I am told that I need to baby-sit and the next time this happens, I am to do the same thing…. I am afraid. I feed the baby cucumbers and potatoes, which he likes, and I hope that he will not go crazy on me. Of course he does and I run out of the room looking for someone to help. Jessica R. (from kindergarten) comes in and cuts the mouth, inserts the needle, and he is all better again.

I am looking outside my front window to see a bull running in my yard. My dogs, of course, decided to chase him and other neighborhood dogs come too. While looking at the chaos, I see Christi and she is running from the bull. I tell here to watch out and to jump into the window where I am leaning out of (happy to see there is no screen) The bull charges and hits the brick wall, missing Christi by an inch. She comes closer to me, but doesn’t come in through the window.

ThE eNd

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US Map Dream


I was floating over the United States… as if it were a map… I floated up and down, getting closer and further away from the states. I wanted to visit Canada, but couldn’t control where I landed… I was up by the North Pole and it was dark blue, cold and lonely… I was still just hovering over the “land” and could see distinct border lines and names of cities. I didn’t like the cold places… I worked my way back down towards the US.

I was going to have a musical performance on a roof of a building. I arrived at the building where I would perform and 100’s of people in black jumpsuits were climbing all over the nearby rooftops. I was upset and said that it was not fair that all the rooftops would be taking the spotlight away from me. There was a curvy ladder arching over the building. Before I could climb, the firemen trainers at the bottom had me do a physical test. I had to hold up my right foot and shake my foot… then the other. I passed but didn’t get through something and they handcuffed me and I had to stand in line with a group of bad firemen. I was let go because I didn’t do anything wrong they found out.

ThE eNd

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Swimming Pool Dream


I was at Susie and Phil’s house. In their basement, Phil was showing everyone the tile he was putting in for the pool that he was building in the basement. The ceilings are 12 ft high and the top of the water would be at the ceiling so that you could get in the pool from the living room. In the basement where the 2 double doors are, leading out to the backyard was a glass wall so that from outside, you could see people swimming! I thought it was a great project and when I was upstairs again, Susie walked by but here hair was buzzed short! I asked why it was cut and she said it was for the summer….. And I thought about it to myself “but it is fall!”

ThE eNd

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