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High School Reunion Party Dream


I was in my old highschool gym playing dodge ball with random people.  I was having the time of my life, feeling larger than many of my opponents.  My team won and confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling.  I started bouncing on all of the balls and balloons.

When the fun was over, I went into the halls of the school.  They were dark and crowded and I was covered in confetti that had melted into a paint-like consitancy.  I passed several highschool faces that I hadn’t thought of in years including old “boyfriends” (if you could call them that!).  I saw my sister’s good friend Cheryl Bunsey and was excited to see her.  She took me to an observation room overlooking the gym that was empty, full of the dodgeball game celebration mess.  I saw Cheryl’s sister Denise and sat with them and caught up with them on what we had been doing over the years.

ThE eNd

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