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Hawk Man Dream


While drinking water bottle after water bottle, I visited with my friend Jessica from kindergarten. We were watching a movie with her family on a couch. She had a large dark green, almost black jewel strung around her neck in a small net-like pouch. She asked me if I could re-net it with new colorful string but when I did, the jewel was hard to see. I told her it was better off being wrapped as it was.

I looked out toward her backyard and made my way onto the deck. The deck was a balcony that overlooked a tropical paradise. I could not see ground but only depth descending down through vines and tree branches. Waterfalls and bright flowers appeared as distant watercolors blurring with the green of the foliage.


Jessica came out to where I stood and told me to look far out while she pointed to a winged creature. From a distance, I saw what I thought was a hawk flying our way. As the hawk creature flew closer, I saw that it was a man. He landed on the balcony and he had sharp features with leather straps around his chest.

We made our way out through the garage door and onto a driveway surrounded by tall tropical flowers. In order to get to the street, we had to cut though the flowers and we were very careful to not bend any of the large stems. We all walked down a wide, empty road which was surrounded by dark forest and log cabins. I told Jessica’s mom that I wished that my parents would get me a diamond necklace as large as Jessica’s but with more colorful decorations.

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Snowy Action Dream


I was attending my birthday party with friends and family outside in a winter wonderland.  My friends were getting ready to go skiing in the backyard where I grew up.  I went out front from the building where the ocean butted up against the walls.  Instead of a sandy beach, there was more snow meeting up to the water.  Children were playing in the snow, digging and rolling over colorful light shapes that illuminated them from under the snow.

I was dressed in a dark snow suit and waded out into the ocean.  It was a very sunny day and I was not cold at all floating out in the water.  I went out pretty far and looked toward the horizon were a large pen like object was falling.  I decided it was a space rocket as it crashed into the water.  Just after that had happened, toward the shore an airplane was doing loops and tricks.  I thought that was impressive until a large helicopter flew over me.  It had a glass bottom on it where the load of 50 or more passengers could look down to the earth.  The helicopter got so close to me doing flips that I could see the passengers waving and actually hear them screaming from excitement.


When I got back to land I was dry and still not cold at all.  I went out back where the others were skiing and tried telling them about the things I had seen.  They were not interested because the skiers were twirling gymnast ribbons on an ice rink in a valley between the snow hills.  Someone said it was my turn so I got up in my underwear and trekked through the deep snow to the top of the hill.

A co-worker helped me put my skis on and gave me directions.  I warned them that I had never skied before so the other contestants were told to go easy on me.  I pushed myself down the hill and sped around the rectangle track.  Others slipped and tripped by me.  I sped by them feeling like a pro at skiing.  I bent my legs and moved so easily that I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this event.  I ended up being the only one to finish and felt pretty good!

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Moving to Newark Dream


Matt said that we were out of money so he thought that the best thing would be for us to move to Newark for a couple of months. We would live in a one room apartment and get new minimum wage jobs. I became really upset and told him that when we were done living there, our current jobs would not be here anymore and that minimum wage jobs weren’t good enough. We were talking at the bottom of a driveway by an old gray home. We were done arguing and got on an old wooden tandem bicycle. I was on the seat behind Matt and when he started riding he went at least 20 feet in front of my end of the bike. He pulled out in traffic and the cars “stepped” over the part of the bike between our seats. I caught up to Matt’s front part of the bike.

Matt turned into my sister Emily and we were at a science museum. We rode the bike inside and started exploring the area. There were modern exhibits and they were very bright and colorful. We looked at displays hanging on the walls and the bike turned into a backpack that I held on my front. Emily folded up inside and I commented that she was really light. Some exhibitors thought that she was a baby, and were shocked to see a grown woman in my pouch. I let her out and we looked at marble counter tops mixed with metal. They were beautiful. Passing them we saw a large bathtub, the kind that one could swim stationary. Emily turned into a dark skinned woman and she jumped in. The exhibitors started coming our way and I knew she wasn’t supposed to be in there. She got out and we hurried away, trying to dry her off. The girl turned into Christine (my old roommate). We ran through some large purple and orange doors.


They looked like a cartoon drawing almost. The doors were a maze and once you went through one door, there was a hallway of the same type of doors. I wasn’t afraid and kept running through them, enjoying getting lost. I saw Christine at one end of a hall and she told me to follow her. We exited through a silver door and came out to a ledge overlooking the museum. Christine took the lead and slid down a 90 degrees slide to a bubble bath. I was so afraid to go and every time I tried, my heart leaped in my chest and I froze. I finally lowered myself down and gracefully touched my feet to the water.

Once down, Christine turned into Susie and we walked around a space full of short hallways and bookshelves. Everything was gray and antiqued. The items were old and one could buy any item they wanted. We walked to a courtyard with a large steep hill. We climbed up the rocks and we were at a high school reunion. We were wearing ball gowns and my legs hurt from climbing when we got to the top. At the top Susie’s family were up there and we walked around a bridge with wrought iron railings. The other people who were walking there smiled at us. I slipped and was at the bottom of another large hill on concrete. The concrete was wet and it became dark outside. The people who had smiled at me told me that there was water to my left and if I held still, the seals would come and see me. I looked and a number of seals swam up on the concrete where I was laying and touched my nose with their noses.


I looked up the hill where the water ascended and I started to climb. The water turned into a hill of skeletons. I commented that I was annoyed that I had to climb yet another hill and that the skeletons wouldn’t be held together because their ligaments and muscle were gone.

I reached the top and Susie and I watched some artists drawing with a special charcoal technique that I had never seen before. It was from the 1800’s and involved layering of charcoal and wax. The artists were about ready to close shop so Susie and I headed on to meet up with her family. We went to the hotel where we were staying in Vegas and waited in line to see the new movie and I saw the actress, Shelly Long. I was so excited. Then Susie told me that an old friend was waiting for me at the back of a train. I went to the back of the train and saw a friend sleeping on a bench, surrounded by his friends. I was not self conscious and walked up and smiled.

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Jennifer Aniston and Lion Dream


I was in a stadium and there were all of these old high school peers gathered in groups socializing. One large group of girls surrounded Jennifer Aniston.

A girl by me said that no one could get near her. I didn’t seem to care to be there with her. I ended up near her and she and I casually chatted. I was really cool and didn’t let on that she was a big deal (being a celebrity). I went into an isle with shelving that was about head high. I saw on a shelf a selection of boxes. On one was “baby lion” and on another was “Large Lion”. I picked up and opened the “Large Lion” box as I heard a voice by me say that I had to be a brave person to open the “Large Lion” box. Out of the box a lion appeared from as small as the box to as big as a horse. I was told that if I made eye contact with it, he would attack. I held onto my kitten Willey and covered her eyes and my own. I would peek out every once in a while to see if the lion was noticing me.

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Sock Hunt Dream


I was in an old woman’s home and young girl and I were told to find/count all of the slippers around the house. The house was cluttered with clothes and the process took a while. We went from room to room finding all kinds of socks, slippers and shoes. There were slippers in the sinks, among stuffed animals, and under the beds. I grew tired of the search, thinking that we must be done by now. No bell rang to alert us that we had found them all. The old woman came to us and told us to look at the blue wall by us. She said to pull the handle, and it opened to another room. It was full of beds and clothing but the floor was unfinished, looking like an attic floor. I carefully crawled around the room, finding more slippers as the old woman answered our questions as to all of the beds. She said that she had 35 children. That was a lot of slippers!

Looking through a building the slipper hunt turned into a hunt to find a treasure, while hiding from the bad guys. I saw Danny Devito flirting with a large woman and dropped some wine on their heads from the stairway above. The bad guys came buy and I hid Windex on one of the stairs and they didn’t see it. I had tried several keys to different doors while looking for the treasure. As the badguys were in one basement room, full of wood paneling, I hid above in the ceiling. When they had given up, I got down and used the key in a small hole in the wall. It opened up and led me to a large warehouse-like room that had many crates full of non treasure things. I ended up meeting up with a hairy, animal man. He was singing and showed me to where he was living. There were golfers out the back patio and I told him I didn’t want to be seen. He took me to another patio that was full of the treasure.

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Toenail Boss Dream


I was at work and went to my boss’s office. A co-worker, Joy and my boss’s fiance were in there. I stopped in to check in on them and noticed toe nail clippings on the carpet by the door. I left and heard his fiance yelling at him and telling him that she was tired of him and his toe nail clipping habbit while at work! His fiance stomped out of the office and walked by me. I looked out the window and saw Matt and Aaron Sulser carrying a large telephone pole toward the office. Another co-worker told me why they were doing this. They said that a bee had stung the wire and made it break and the pole fell.

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Sulsers in gramma’s House Dream


Matt and I were getting out of the car at my late Gramma’s house in New Holland, OH. Sarah and Aaron Sulser and their girls had moved to Gramma’s old house! As I got out of the car, Sarah stood at the doorway, wearing a blue maternity blouse. I went up to the house thinking that it was so weird that they moved to Gramma’s old house and I noticed the door window was the same. Inside it was recarpeted and modernized. I went to the basement door and looked down the stairs. Camryn had the whole basement for a bedroom. She had a king sized bed and toys all over. The basement seemed really large. I saw and old camera from my grandparents and asked if I could have it. I also saw my grandpa’s old boots and as I picked them up, I told Matt that he could use these. Then I noticed that there were mice holes in them and a mouse fell out and scurried away. The basement was not refinished and it was dark and damp. We explored the basement and it was as large as a mall. Behind a crumbling wall, there was a high school hallway. I needed help getting through it and told Sarah that it was great that they had so much storage space.

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Gramma Driving Truck Dream


My family was to go on a road trip. Gramma was going to drive a huge truck through the darkness. Matt said that he going to have to drive the truck sometime because it was so big! I was riding shotgun and there were a few times that I was really nervous. Once, when Gramma ran a red light and stopped in the middle of the intersection and then backed up. Another time was when she wasn’t paying attention and 3 knights were right in our path. She went between two of them only to miss a telephone pole by a second. Gramma needed me to read her the map and I figured it out or her.

We had to take the train to where we were going. I was not with Gramma anymore but with 2 guys and another girl my age. We caught the train but got off at the wrong stop. We snuck back on the train which looked like a large merry-go-round. The officials at the train station chased us because we didn’t pay. We were caught when I had to run back to get the others who fell behind. The officials actually helped us because they said that we were at the wrong train station.

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Flying over Deer Dream


I was sick when I dreamed this:

I was to meet a new neighbor. I was in the middle ages and a large man came through the doorway. He was over 10 feet tall. His face was painted like a jester and I told him that clowns scared me. When he wiped off the paint, he looked like a jolly fellow. He picked me up and I hugged him around his neck. As he was leaving, I cleaned up all the teacups and my mother’s loft bed.

My sister and some others were going to show the queen a beautiful crown shape made out of birds. The crown shape was held by my sister and me floating just below the birds. We held it together with rope. Below us, deer were running, jumping up to catch us.

One or twice they hit my feet with their antlers. We started to float down and ended up in a dirt road surrounded by tall corn fields and trees. The deer came up to us and I was afraid they were going to attack but they just nibbled at our shirts.

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