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Beach House adventure Dream


Standing outside of a house for sale, I looked in the windows before the realtor came. The door was opened so I walked on in. I browsed through the rooms and it was a dark, shadowy house but not frightening. It was pretty ritzy with dark wood trim everywhere and maroon carpet.

I looked up in the bathroom, used the bathroom and scurried downstairs back outside. As I was shutting the door, the realtor was pulling up in her car so I sat behind one of the front porch pillars. She got out with Susie and some other viewers. I acted like I had never been inside and we all took a walk through it.


There were a number of stairways going to the second floor as well as 2 kitchens, lots of nooks and cranny-type rooms to get lost in. There was a large room full of tables, like a dining room only huge with its own kitchen. The trim in the room was forest green and the carpet was peach and I thought that was ugly. I went to a weight room and Matt said that we wouldn’t need a weight room but I thought it would be great.

There was a back door leading to the beach. We entered a round screened in porch that rotated 360 degrees to view the ocean from. I stepped out on the sand and there was a human size frisbee on the beach. A few of us got on it and Phil used his feet to push us around in it as if he were swimming. Someone’s shoe came off and at that point I got a little nervous.


I went back to the house and there was a man standing there and smacked me across the face. I was a little boy and was beat up by the man. Time had passed and I had been there for a while trying to escape. One afternoon I left through the garden where I saw a small grave and a gravestone. It belonged to the man who beat me up. I thought I was safe and then another man came over and tried to get me. He was to replace the other man.

I got away without him knowing and ran along a road leaving the house. I grew tired and ran off the side of the road into some bushes that declined into a creek. I grabbed at some berries hanging from a bush and commented that they weren’t as sweet as they should be. I looked into the bushes and saw some tiny people digging in the dirt. I dug too and uncovered a crystal sculpture in the shape of a bulbous flower petal. I thanked the people who led me to this and they nodded as I scrambled to keep running away.

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Beer Solo & Magnet Clothes Dreams


Dream #1

I was to sing a solo at a choir concert an getting ready to do a run through of the song. I was standing on large black rafters that went at least 100 feet in the air. I was in on one of the middle rafters fumbling with the sheet music trying to figure out the words. I was not prepared and as the run through go to me, I missed half of the words and not many people could hear me at the microphone because I kept looking towards the words.


I felt anxious because I wasn’t wanting to sing the words that were given to me to sing anyway. I was holding a beer bottle in my hand as a prop and drank it. When the next run through of the song came around, I decided to go with what I felt as the music started, and danced. I did back flips and bounced all over the rafters. The audience who was watching the run through gave me a standing ovation. I felt so refreshed and like myself. I was proud that I didn’t just do what was expected of me.

Dream #2

I was a young girl with long blonde hair. I was care free and it was almost like I was watching myself as a movie. I was up in an attic and saw large gray “U” Magnets floating by in all different sizes. A pink one went by me and I grabbed it. I used it to pull whatever clothes that were on people off of them and onto me. I had some 80’s tights and a skirt and a t-shirt. I went to a bedroom with a white bed in the middle of the room.


white-bedAnother girl was there and she wanted to bounce. We bounced hand in hand on the bed and spun around. I landed on the bed feeling tingly inside so I ran away from the room embarrassed. I went to a small bathroom with 2 doors (parallel to each other). I was frightened when potato chips fell on me so I screamed and a boy came to help. I had a towel around me and was wearing sexy lingerie.

Dream #3

On my driveway, I saw a squirrel that had been run over. I told Matt that the squirrels eyes were still fluttering and told him I was upset that his truck ran over it.


A mouse ran by the squirrel into my garage. When I looked at the garage, I saw a gray wolf jumping at the mouse. I went inside and saw a deer at my back door. It was eating at first and then stood on its back legs and tried to come in the house. Matt got out a gun and shot at it. The deer pulled out a gun and I locked the back door. I ran to the front door and the lock wouldn’t work. I saw a man walking up the steps and I blocked the entrance with my body. He said he was the post man returning a defective Black Berry device. It was returned with a purse/bag and I wanted to keep the bag. A boy was in the house writing down our house measurements. I helped him with the math and told him that he forgot to include the lower level dimensions.

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Krusteaz Addiction


I find it funny how my brain can want two things at once.  I want to be healthy and in shape but at the same time, I want to eat Krusteaz Crumb Cake!  Within the last week, I have purchased 3 boxes of Krusteaz Crumb Cake and out of the 3 boxes, have eaten most of the cake!  The last batch that I made last night is not finished yet, but is about halfway eaten.


I am addicted to Krusteaz!  The moment I think about it or any dessert, I salivate!   I almost think that there is Boingonium in the mix for me to want it so badly. After this box, I am making a pact with myself to not eat like this any more.  One or two pieces here and there  is fine, but come on, 3 boxes!  Oink Oink!!

I have noticed that I am gaining a little weight and that while weight isn’t necessarily bad, it is the kind of weight that is most likely dangerous.  I am planning on riding my bike more and to work out.   The last time I worked out was when my kittens were small enough to be stepped on (which I did).  Now I have no excuse!  I must be healthy.  There must be some underlying reason for me to eat Krusteaz (or any bad-for-me food) besides it just tasting good.  I may have to join Desserts Anonymous (if there is such a thing)!

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Fireworks and Lost Dream


I gathered with Matt’s family (Gehrisch side) to watch the fireworks on the fourth of July. We sat by a while victorian-style home near the street curb and looked to the sky. The street was quaint, made with cobbled stone, surrounded by flowering bushes and I felt a warm breeze. When the fireworks were over, we scrambled to gather the blankets we were sitting on.

Christi said to come to her house. I found my car keys and was at her house. It was a shack in the woods. There was cat poo on the ground and she was feeling bad that it looked so bad. Her cousins were crowded on the floor and I joined them. I did not like the confined feeling but liked the company.

I told her I would get something out of the car for her and when I went to the street, I didn’t see my black cavalier. I panicked. I pushed the key fab and a fancy sports car chirped. It had metal trim and resembled batman’s car. I sat in it and wondered if I stole it on accident.


I went back to the shack and entered into a small door by the porch. Small children were huddled in a corner of a room. I realized that I had entered the wrong shack. I turned around to see that their mother was behind me with her arms crossed. I told her it was a mistake.

I took a walk to the European fair. The building where merchants were selling their goods was beautifully made from wood. There were arches and stone walls like a fairytale castle. I got lost and asked a chubby woman how to get out. As she was helping me, I heard Matt’s voice and told her to never mind because he would lead me out. When she left, Matt wasn’t there so I went out to the courtyard.


A photographer was taking pictures with a camera that had a 10 foot zoom on it. It was huge when he extended it! I asked him about it and he started to describe what photography was like. I interrupted and told him that I was a photographer and that I was more interested in the lense. He showed me what kind of zooming it could do. As I looked at the screen on the camera, the subject in the image moved a little, almost like video. I had a camera then and took pictures of some friends that walked by. One girl twisted her ankle as she was posing.

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Nekked Work Day Dream


I was at my desk at work and naked work day had ended but a co-worker came by my desk still naked.  I told him that we were done with naked and he mumbled that he knew but it was okay.  He and another co-worker walked down the hall both naked on their way to lunch and I laughed.  Another co-worker, Hunker, was sitting in the executive sitting area, spinning wool wearing black leather.  He had spiky hair and a goatee.  He looked like a biker dude.

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Fun Decorations & Accessories for Handbag


I received a purse for Christmas and thought I would personalize it. I went to JoAnn Etc. and bought some quilting material. I wrapped the material around cardboard that I cut into paw shapes and then stitched them to the bag, which was approved by my pet kitten Willey (as seen below). But that was just the beginning!


I then decided that the purse needed a wallet, partially because my leather one was too large. I thought having a custom wallet would be nice to have (and it is!). I didn’t use a pattern (they become a headache) so just winged it. I think it turned out fine for a first try actually. I added ribbon and buttons and a picture ID pocket. That project took 5-6 hrs to get it all finished.

Then since I was in the groove, I made a cell phone holder. I saw an image of it online and thought, “hey, I can do that”, and so I did. The flap that covers the opening is the shape of a kitty and I sewed buttons on for the eyes and nose. To save room inside the purse and for easy access, I made it to hang over the purse strap (and it therefore got to use the button function on my sewing machine! )

After the cell phone holder, I was STILL in the groove so I then made a business card holder to match which I had been needing for a long time. The process of these projects took a few weeks to complete them all and I may not be done yet. There is material still left over so I was considering making a makeup travel bag but not sure if there is much more room in the purse for it. We will see, but either way, I was proud of my no-pattern-handmade purse accessories!


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Future Education Dream


It was somewhere into the future. I wanted to drive myself instead of having my sister drive me so I got in a small red car and sped away from my parents home. I got to my old elementary school and while parking, I saw that the kids had not been allowed in yet. Making it to the entrance, the bell rang and kids plowed past me and on inside. I saw my old music teacher, Ms. Shaffer, and waved.

I decided to go see the old teachers in the teacher room. Inside it was dark and all the teachers were working on computers before it was time to teach. I said hello to Ms. Shaffer and Mr. Brusco, my old middle-school teacher was by her. I spoke to him and he was surprised I remembered him. I said of course and got on a soap box about how there are not many teachers like him who engage their students. I told him that I still remembered sharing Ohio stories about the Serpent Mound Indian burial ground. He has tears in his eyes.

I went out to the hall where there were black, futuristic-looking lockers with gray plastic decor edging the sides. Instead of padlocks, there were key pads to enter in your “combination”. On the wall where the lunch schedule was written on a black board, there was also the “second language” of Chinese written by the English text.


I passed other past teachers and Mrs. Holmes (8th Grade Algebra) and Mrs. Vedder (12th grade Spanish) walked out in the parking lot with me. They talked about their makeup and teacher conflicts in the school. One of them turned into Carol Burnett and I asked her what it was that made her teach. She answered, “Change”. She liked to see people change. She got into her small foreign convertible and drove away.


I went into a college building and practically tripped over a crowd speckled around rows of black check out counters. There were tall men in black t-shirts scanning school books being purchased by students. I was handed a book with the words “Saudi Arabia” on it. I told the people around me that I didn’t want this book. Forcing me to buy it, I took the book and walked down a hallway to a lecture hall.

The space was massive with hundreds and hundreds of large, gray recliner-sized, cushioned seats arranged in a stadium seating style. The walls were mostly black with the exception of the front “stage” and a wall length white board where a man was writing #’s with no meaning behind their arrangement.

I stayed in the back row and couldn’t even make out the stage down front from where I was sitting. I sat down near a couple of guys who were joking that they were starting the quarter off poorly by sitting in the back row. The chair I was sitting it was so large that I couldn’t rest my back on anything without my feet having to come up off of the floor.

The lecture began with the professor reading through words in the book I was given. I couldn’t find page 385 at first and when I did, the words were randomly spread out in a table down the page. The professor read a few more words and then told the class that the class was ending. We were told to expect our next classes to be the same. I left confused.

I passed a classroom where a “music” lecture was taking place. There were only two students, each with headphones on, listening to the music lesson. The teacher was conducting to the recorded music. A black plastic cone sat in front of one of the students and I realized it was a modern clarinet. It was a solid shape with no keys or openings on it.


I kept walking down the hall and in the next room, there were no lights on. I asked the teacher why and they said that since the students in there were blind, they were saving on electricity.

The next class was mine. It was a smaller room with white tile floors and a small number of students sitting in their desks in rows. Again, I sat in the back and interrupted the teacher. I asked if the class was going to be the same nonsensical reading of “bullet- point” words to memorize. They said yes and I got up, pushed in my chair and said, ” Well then I am not staying.”

As I turned around, I bumped into the principal who was holding a conductor’s baton. He asked me why I though I could just leave. I began to lecture him on how this futuristic education was no where close to beneficial. I said that I could do better reading on my own than paying to have someone read me words that they would later test me on. I yelled toward him and the others around that the system had FAILED!

He tried to defend the system but I rambled on that the clarinet of the future was meaningless just like the rest of the education. It was just a prop that was used to pretend learning was going on. He grabbed my arm, trying to calm me down so I flipped out, snapped the point off of his baton, and I pressed the jagged edge to his neck. In a threatening voice I slowly said “Let…me… go!”

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Rescue Dream


I was watching a skyscraper tower fall toward the ground.  It fell into the moat below and I was there by the building.  It looked like a parking garage with open spaces and large concrete pillars.  I pulled a man out of the water.  He was  a tall black man wearing a red shirt.  It felt as if he weighed nothing as I pulled him toward the building.

I got up on the concrete and called for someone to help.  Paramedics walking by didn’t hear me.  They were having a conversation, walking slowly and sipping coffee.  I left the injured man there, wrapped him in plastic tarp and socks that were laying nearby.

I ran up some stairs passing the concrete pillars and water falling through the cracks and openings.  I saw terrorists, dressed in all black, on one level shooting at each other and I grabbed some radios on the ground and scurried back to the stairwell.

I ran back to get others out of the water. I saw some figures just below the water trapped behind a row of shopping carts.   I frantically pulled each orange cart out of their interlocking  and pulled a woman out.  She wasn’t breathing.  I looked down from where she came and a body floated up to the surface.  It was another person with their eyes and mouth open, dead.  Again I yelled for the paramedics to help but they couldn’t hear me.

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