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Purse Sewing Project



To go with my handbag accessories, I decided to make a purse. In order to fit all of my accessories, I needed a larger purse for daily use. I haven’t used a pattern since middle school but as hard as I thought it would be, it wasn’t difficult at all! I used a See & Sew pattern and modified only a couple of details. I felt it necessary to add an additional inside pocket for pens and coin purse (as seen below).

The entire project took me roughly 8 hours to do (which included quilting the main fabric). I was mostly happy with how it turned out although when the pockets are full, the lining material is pulled down, collapsing in on the open purse space. That is not too large of a problem, however if I had designed it, that wouldn’t happen.

It was nice to be able to learn a few new tricks (like how to use a zipper foot) and use new tools (pattern haha) in sewing!


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Blood Hill Potato Dream


Dream #1

I was “mulching” the flower beds at my childhood home. Around each flower, I mulched with different materials. I used regular mulch, legos, cheerios, etc. to add variety and color while I waited for the flowers to bloom.

Dream #2

I was touring an old colonial home. It was white and sat upon a hill. I went back into time and saw that the hill was where a battle had taken place. I saw women and children crawling down it to get away from the enemy. It was named Blood Hill because of that battle. An old woman who had died in that battle was being buried in the nearby cemetery. She was telling me (as a ghost) that she was not allowed to be buried by her late husband by the nearby tree. She said it was because they had once been divorced according to the government and because of that, it would be indecent to be buried by each other in death.


Dream #3

I was at my childhood home getting ready for bed. I couldn’t sleep, feeling like I had something to do still. I remembered that I had a test the next day! I got my book out and went to the front room, sat by a small lamp and started to cram for the test. I was studying the potato. I had to know how to treat them if they had specific kinds of fungus growth.

ThE eNd

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Balls on Head Dream


I was in a grey house with friends collecting colorful balloons. We were frightened when we were told we were being hunted. I ran into the night with Jen, Sarah, Aaron and Matt. We got to a concrete slab that used to be a part of a bridge overlooking a river. We climbed down the slab to get into the river. I told Matt to hang onto his hat so it wouldn’t get swept away.


We got to a cliff and my head was feeling weird. I felt the back of my head and there were 2 lumps growing there. Each lump had a thick clump of long black hair growing from it. I started to freak out about it as if it were an alien or something. Matt looked at it and confirmed that they were testicles.
ThE eNd

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Maze Dream



I had to find my way through a maze. The orange walls went up to a yellow ceiling in most places. As I went I knew I had to find a clue along the way that would complete the quest. I saw a plate on one of the walls as I turned a corner. On the back of the plate were a sequence of numbers. I tried to memorize the  numbers  since I had nothing to write on.

I did my best to also wind my way through the maze, blindly guessing on which way to turn. I struggled up some inclines and a girl in front of me was helping me. As I passed others I gave them advise too on what I had found along the way. I was told to cross a huge opening into nothingness by sliding along a red plastic ledge. I was frightened but I made it.

I came upon the end of the maze where a queen-like woman was waiting. Her minions were there as well in little black suits. She asked me for the numerical code. I did my best to remember it but couldn’t remember where the 1’s,0’s, and 2’s went. I decided to go back through the maze to find the plate and bring it back. As I slid down a decline to the maze, I had a hard time remembering how I came.

I saw another girl, more lost than me, starting to panic. I was too far away, up on another floor/level and I could see her in the glow of warm,yellow light. I yelled down to her the direction to go. A shadow that did not belong to the girl slipped passed her. She yelled back warning me that the queen was sending her minions out to get the code before us.

I scrambled to choose the correct paths. I actually stumbled upon the plate and just grabbed it off the wall. I ran fast as the girl joined up with me. We carefully crossed the opening and made it to the queen. As I gave the queen the plate, she laughed and said that it wouldn’t be good enough to have the plate now. I told her that I didn’t want to play her game anymore. I turned away toward the maze to find my way out without her approval.

I started climbing a wall but it turned into the queen’s large neck and my hands and feet found a place to grip inside her wrinkles and pores. My feet were sinking into her mushy fat skin and I was afraid that I was getting too close to her mouth.

ThE eNd

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School Dress-up Dream


I was in a school cafeteria and I had passed a friend who was eating at a table. I felt badly because I had just remembered that I had missed a party that she had the Friday before. I couldn’t talk then but I mouthed the words “I’m sorry” to her. I stood in line for food and took a lot of sweet mashed potatoes. Once we had eaten, we were supposed to clean up all the food and take the dishes to the kitchen. I walked through brown halls with the other people. There was a place to put the food trays that was also a snow mound. We tracked the footprints up the mound and at the top I decided to slide down. It was pretty fun and I could feel my stomach rise at one pt as I grew anxious.

Once back to the cafeteria, I spoke to the girl about the party I missed. I kept apologizing over and over because I forgot. I went to the bathroom and when I came out we were to put on costumes. Someone put a blob of tinsel on my head and I added green felt to the mix to make myself look like a christmas tree. I climbed some rickety stairs to a loft where one of our teachers was sleeping. We knew that he was depressed so I gently touched his foot and started singing him songs. He woke up and he was Abraham Lincoln. He was very skinny and frail and instead of getting upset, he let us sing him back to sleep.


ThE eNd

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Obama Church Dream


I was in a small gospel type church. Barack Obama and his wife were speaking at the front and Will Smith the the dad from the old 80’s TV show, Amen were crawling out of the brick wall behind them. The church group stared singing and I left.


Outside there was an overcast sky. Matt and I took a walk and ended up at a medieval church. He gave me a gun and I was doing target practice on the church decor hanging at the top by the gargoyles. I was a pretty good shot and hit some small spheres with my first try. The pieces fell to the ground and shot purple and red lights out of them when they hit the ground. I picked up the pieces and I showed Matt how beautiful the destruction was. I was very proud of myself.


Matt and I went to a gas station/fast food place and we let the dogs out of the car but they ran off. We had to go get them but I got distracted by the playground across the street. It was a sunny day and I played for a bit before Matt reminded me of the dogs. We walked to a school building and I was yelling for the dogs when a girl Sarah from my old church came out. I recognized her right away and asked her how she was doing. She let us in to the church preschool and she got us some water. We caught up and then I said that I had to go.

Matt and I saw my cousin Paul and my uncle digging in the mulch on the playground. They were looking for something so I helped them. There was a string that went from them to pieces of paper scattered on the ground.

ThE eNd

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