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Danny Gokey Dream


I was at a funeral and mingling with the attendants at a large home. A concert was going on as well featuring Danny Gokey. He came up to me and we talked a bit after he signed a t-shirt for me. He said it would be nice for his wife to meet me. I asked him where and he said that since he was from Cincinnati, we could meet in the middle somewhere in a few months. I told Matt when Gokey was gone that we were going to hang out with them and Matt thought it was great. To leave the house, matt and I drove a truck down a bright, grassy hillside.


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Bouncy Running Shoe Attachment Dream


I went out for a run with my new running shoe attachment that allowed me to bounce with each step I took.  I started running on the street where I grew up and with each step, I bounced at least 10 feet in front of me.  I saw someone running in front of me and thought they were a friend.  They turned around and said that they were a friend of my friend.  They liked my jumping tool.


I ran/bounced back to my parents house.  I took out the trash at my parents house and found a secret message written on a coke bottle from a friend.  They told me to find them.  I put my jumping attachments on and ran out.  Matt’s grandparents were going to join me on their bikes but backed out.  It was dark by the time I started out and worried about cars hitting me.

I ended up on Westerville road bouncing along and there was a large snow bank that I slipped on.  I got to a house by the side of the road and snuck  in and sat on their rose colored carpet warming up and noticing the decorative pillows all over the room.

I started out again and it was daytime.  I started to bounce all through a small town passing shops and awing the passerbyers.  I was hanging onto some balloons which made me bounce higher.  I was handed more balloons and I ended up bouncing over the rooftops for a bit.

I was searching for the friend who wrote me the message and was led over the poor part of town.  All of the buildings looked like they were burned down and left as rubble.  I didn’t like it there so I bounced back over the city to the nice part of town.

ThE eNd

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Case Cover Sewing Project



A co-worker of mine asked me to make a colorful cover for him last week.  He does balloon animals as a Jester at children’s birthday parties and uses a small air compressor to inflate the balloons.  The black case looked like a camera bag and wasn’t as festive as it should be when he is working.  I found some nice green and orange material and designed a bag casing.  He needed a pocket of some kind to hold the balloons for the kids to pick from so I made one with a snap flap to close it.  I made a button hole for the air nozzle opening and quilted the top flap.  I was happy with the way it turned out.

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Captured Dream


I was looking for new homes with Matt. All of the houses front walls butted up against the street and I told Matt that this was too close for me. Also all of the homes on the street were wooded lots. We never went in any homes but just walked around the front yard. I would touch the large trees, noticing a lot of beetles crawling out of the rotting wood. I told Matt that I would rather not have a wooded lot because of the lack of lawn and because of the beetles.

We lined up with other people and a woman led us in a toss game of some sort. I did very well following instructions but some people next to me did not and they were shot. Because of this, I ran and hid behind a Jeep seat in the road. A woman who had joined me there was shot dead and then I was shot through the seat in my head. It felt surreal, like an electric zap and then I went numb. I decided that I had better look dead so I posed myself.

I walked with others who were going to be captured and I hid in an SUV by the peddles. Some of the captor’s family were getting in the car but were distracted and they didn’t see me. As night fell, I started the SUV and drove around my backyard where a gathering of prisoners were. I saw Matt and knew I had to rescue him. I passed him and he knew it was me and ran to join me once I parked by the front porch. We ran past a pile of rubble and were told to help raise a building. I was on the front end where the rafters were. I did everything correctly but some girls that were behind me fell and their arms were broken.

I ran into the house and hid in a closet behind some pillows. Matt came in and was talking to one of the captors. He led them right to where I was hiding but they were not so bright and didn’t realize he was not with them or that we were hiding from them. When I came out of hiding, the leader of the captors wanted me to push a detonator button on my work laptop but only after I had pushed the hold button. Matt was sitting by me and told me that we should look into the software that the captors used. I told Matt that he needed to not draw attention to himself because I was in control of the situation and knew how to deal with them. I went to the garage, and dug in a garbage bag, finding some eggs to eat. Some mice jumped out and when I told Matt, he asked me why I would eat old eggs anyway.

ThE eNd


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