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Parachute European Dream


Being foreign in a European country made it difficult to figure out how to escape.  I was being chased for a crime that wasn’t really a crime at all.   I hid in a government building under the stairs waiting for the soldiers to pass me.  I wore a 40’s era, black evening dress and my heels made me clumsy as I walked.  I changed my clothes under the stairwell and wore a soldier’s uniform. I took the hand of the man I was with and entered the busiest hall of the building.  I kept my head down and walked as fast as I could I didn’t want to be recognized.  I made it to the exit stairwell and we ran up to the roof.   I had no equipment on me but I was able to fly up into the air by holding my arms out perpendicularly to my body.  Once I was up above the city, it was dark out and I could see all of the city lights and slowly parachuted down towards some safe gardens.

ThE eNd


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Girls Being Chased Dream



6 Girls walked up a dirt road to a junk pile.  They saw a dead body by a rusty truck and turn to run.  Some men in beige clothes saw them and start to grab at them.  I was one of the girls and saw that we were all in black and white stripped dresses.  We ran down the road and it dead ended at a dock overlooking a bay.  Not stopping, I continued running/floating over the water.  I reached a red bridge support beam and hid behind it.  I peaked around and saw the men running down the hill towards the dock.  I looked to my left and saw Matt standing on the shore near me.  I walked on the water, carefully so I wouldn’t make any noises.  He reached out for me and helps me to land.  I hugged him and saw that the men have spotted me.  I run from everyone over the water and headed towards the woods across the bay.  I saw a rickety old bridge, low down to the water and I hid underneath it.  As I waited for the men to come and kill me, I put my head underwater occasionally, wondering if I would be better off drowning myself than facing their torture.  After I had waited for some time I felt safe enough to try to run again.  I floated up into the sky hanging from a red balloon.  I felt relief but soon noticed that the men were swimming below after me.

ThE eNd

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Ice Hockey Kitty Dream


kitties 02-8-09

I went to an ice hockey game.  I was in the stands and it was grey and very cold.  I saw my black kitty, Troy, run by me.  The cement seating stairs were covered in shadows.  I could not tell where Troy went.  I saw him by the isle and grabbed him up in my arms.  Another Troy came over to me and wanted me to pick him up too.  I ran up the

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“Celebrate” Wine Glass


wine glass

I used enamel glass paint and sparkle paint to create this celebratory wine glass!

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Mystical Green Group Dream


I was taking a walk through a forest and ended up in the dingy-looking sea, floating around in confusion.  I got onto a moss covered, wooden dock where a group of people waited for me.  I asked them where I was and they said that I needed to join their group.  I didn’t consider an alternative so I jumped right into their initiation process.  I ran with the group of girls, and some others who were going to join, in order to make it to a group meeting.

We made it late to a dark, medieval  hall and some girls quickly threw a green dress on me.  It had puffy sleeves and and a knee-length puffy skirt.  They tied a bow behind my back and I hurried up to join.  The “director” came up to me and he was a beast-like man.  He was tall and green skinned with an almost classical, devilish appearance to him.


I felt that he approved of me as he handed only me a paper to decipher.  On the yellowed scroll,  I  saw rectangles lined up vertically.  In the flickering candlelight, I slowly realized they were meant to be stairs.  I saw some other symbols representing enemy creatures and realized it was a map to a sacred item with which the girls needed to obtain in order to join.

I went to my “dorm” room, which held all the other girl members and those joining.  Some girls said that they didn’t know if they could make it through the initiation process.  I sat on my plain bed and listened to them talk.   I noticed one of the girls was a clarinet player I knew from college.  I hadn’t seen her since she “disappeared” my freshman year.  She was in front of me telling me that once I join, I can never go back to the world I knew nor see anyone who wasn’t part of the group.  Although she seemed content with this, I shivered.

The next day, we were sent out on a walk into the woods with the map I was given.  Although it was day, it was completely dark.  A green glow seeped through the forest trees and we stumbled around, getting lost.  I was in too deep now to escape from the hunt or the group.

ThE eNd

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