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Magical Apartment Dwellers Dream


I walked into an old dorm room/apartment and knew it was abandoned.  The girl with me was going to move in with me and we started to clean up the mess.  I realized that the people who used to live there were magical and evil people.  I knew this from the fact that there was kitty litter in the corner.

I turned to close the front door and it wouldn’t completely shut.  I tried a few times to push it closed with no luck.  I saw some magical people in the hall and was afraid they were coming after me.  I slid the door and that made it close.  I ran to the living room and felt safer until I realized that one of the walls was missing and instead led out to a breezeway.  I saw some dark wood folding doors pushed open and quickly pulled them shut.  I latched the doors with a silver metal latch just in time before the magical people noticed me from the opening.

I went to a meeting in a long hall with low ceilings.  The teacher was drawing on a blackboard where her drawings became animated people.   The animated people were magical and started a war.   The was was not scary but I slashed enemies with axes and they spit in half with ease.  Some young guys that I tried slashing did not rip in half or even seem to be affected by my attacks.

One of the magic people told me that they were magic like them.  They also told me that I was magical too.  I was led outside of the living room through the dark wood doors and out into the daylight.  I found the daylight interesting because it was nighttime only a moment ago.


The magical group told me that they lived at night but it was daytime in their alternate reality.  They led me around the neighborhood and I saw some of them working on construction and others working as if they were preparing for a festival.   At the same time that we were in the daytime, the normal people were in the same location during the night where they didn’t know we were there as well.

Back in the livingroom, a feast was laid out by the magical group and I ate and ate and ate.  I never grew full.  I was very happy with them and realized that they were not evil at all.  Actually, I decided that I never knew them but judged them becasue I didn’t know them.  I learned that unless I was in someone’s place, I cannot judge their live or experiences.

ThE eNd

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Recording my Mind



A friend posted her dream from last night and it dawned on me that I had partially been remembering my dream from last night.  Of course as soon as I was going to blog it, I wondered if I could conger up the images and events.  Psyching myself out, I could only feel just a  light sense of the dream.

This dream seemed great this morning as I woke from it, full of action and excitement.  Usually if there is a dream that I remember, I do write it down on a notepad by my bedside, but this one was so vivid, so real, I felt I wouldn’t forget it as I rushed about getting ready for work.

When I try to send an e-mail but instead it gets lost in space somewhere, I feel sick to my stomach.  I feel the same way when I can’t recall a dream.  At least with the lost e-mail situation, I have an idea at least of what the e-mail subject was before it disappeared!  Even as I write now, I can feel some of the dream touch my conscious mind, and gets lost the same moment.

I am sure it will be done someday but it would be great to have a dream recorder that I could plug into the TV in the morning and watch, hear, feel and smell last night’s dreams.  Instead of dream recognition and writing them down, I could have a video blog instead!  I can only wait for that day to come so that I can share exactly what I dream without the fear of forgetting it.

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College Singing Contest Dream


I was looking through the stadium trying to find where my gym class was.  I kept seeing people with zeros on the backs of their jerseys and I knew that meant I was at the wrong place.  I got on the freeway and thought about how I needed to get off of the one exit north that curved around towards the dorms.  That is where I would need to go to get to gym class.  I made it to the correct class late but that was okay as long as I had made it.  The instructor was nice and helped me find some black socks to wear.  I got into a yoga pose and the class was instructed to take off our bras to make moving around easier.

I headed to an old friend’s house where I needed to use their restroom and get ready for work that evening.  Her house was full of kids and her husband’s friends.  I met up with a boy from elementary school and we were going to see a movie together.  We got separated by the crowd and ended up not sitting together.  The announcer for the movie saw the boy and told him that his date didn’t even want to sit with him.  I was very embarrassed for him.


I was listening to a backyard singing contest.  The man that had just finished came from the microphone and I told him that I didn’t like it, however it did sound like Toby Keith, so the voters would like it. We walked behind the house along the ocean and the party noise floated towards us on the ocean breeze. I told him that I had hoped to place high, although I wasn’t sure I would.  As we were talking, some girls came over and told me it was my turn.  I wasn’t ready with memorizing my words yet but had to go on.  I went into the beach house and got the microphone.  I looked at my words once more as the music started.  I had never heard the song before and started to sing while I kept looking back at my music on the stool inside the beach house.  I stumbled through the song for a few bars and then called it quits.  I didn’t win.

ThE eNd

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Lawn Chair Bicycle Dream


Friends came over and I was preparing bridesmaids for a wedding.  I was told to go get white dresses with sleeves for all of the girls.  I rode on a bicycle with lawn chair like seats on it.  The others with me peddled to church through a sunny countryside.  We went over hills and my dogs passed us, running in and out of cornfields.  We rode past a farm house with a tractor for sale out front.


At the church I felt upset just by being there.  I got up and sat with some people who didn’t look like they would judge me.  I stood up and shouted really loud.  Some people got up and left.  An old man I was sitting by got up to go take communion.  I felt that I must too.  I started to join him but stopped and said that I would pass on it this time.  I sat back down.

ThE eNd

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Restaurant and Floating Dream


I was riding on my mom’s shoulders down an old fashioned cobblestone street.  My mom was so tall that I rose above the rooftops.  I saw a restaurant balcony and climb off of my mom to see what their availability was.   I noticed that I wasn’t embarrassed or anxious about other people seeing me enter the restaurant this way.  I saw a waitress and let her know that there were going to be more to my party.

I was finished with my meal so I went back to the buffet line for a donut.  There was one left on the coffee maker.  A woman got to the coffee maker first so I didn’t want to look like the donut was all I wanted so I picked up a cup and filled it up.

KK glazed donut

Back at my seat, I notice the coffee is cold and I drink it in a few gulps.  I leave with a dream family consisting of 2 large pre-teens and a large granny.

We walk to a grassy hill and I float paper above my head.  I show my family that I can float a bit with it.  I start to get better at floating as the wind picks up and my feet hardly touch the ground.  I float down the hill to a large lake.  I dip my toes in the water as I float over the water.

ThE eNd

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Red Building Block Dream


In a noisy restaurant, I hid in a bathroom stall from an old man wearing a black top hat and a red crocheted scarf.  He and a group were chasing me and I didn’t know why.  I was shot at a few times and ended up slipping through the crowd to the restrooms.  I didn’t hear anyone around me and peaked out.  Of course, the old man was out there waiting on me.  I pushed my way through the crowd and climbed up on some red rafters against a dark orange wall.


The old man and the rest of those chasing me, started knocking out each block below me.  As I lose my balance I step to other, more steady pieces.  They shot at me but I played dead on the top of the blocks.  They left and I reach into the rubble and pull out a red glass figurine that they were looking for.  The sultan came out from the crowd and thanked me when he saw what I had.

ThE eNd

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My Own Font!


Thanks to Brian at Morning via Twitter, I was able to make my own font!  Brian linked to FontCapture and after following the directions, poof!, I can “write” on the computer.  I call it Becky G skinny Font. (I also made a Becky G Font which was made with a thicker marker).

Below is an image of a word document with my font being used:


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What My Appearance May Be In 60 Years!


I decided to be an old “me” for Halloween so I did some digging online, researching how people age.  I saw some Hollywood make up videos aging a 27 year old gal into a very old lady.  Since I don’t have 10,000 dollars for a professional to make a plastic overlay for my face, I will have to stick with stage make-up.

As I browsed the web, I also saw some Photo-shopped images of Hollywood stars as old people.  So, last night, I spent 3 hours on my own “older” self in Photoshop.  I added cloudy color in my eyes to depict glaucoma, sagged my cheeks, eyelids, and chin, grayed my hair, and used the burn tool to draw in each wrinkle, along with yellowing my teeth and thinning my lips.

I wonder if when I get to be 87 or so, if I will actually resemble this.  Only time will tell!  I only hope that is isn’t before 60 years that I look like this…

Below is a before and after picture of me, current and aged:

old becky

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Old Job Interview & “Baby Rolls” Dream


I was in my car headed to an interview at my old job.  I was preparing what I would say and wondering what they would say.  The building wasn’t the same building as when I used to work there and I wasn’t sure what door they were in. A receptionist said that it was through the bathroom door.  I went in and saw my old bosses.  One was behind a desk in the corner and the other was right by me, sitting in a chair.  I felt tall as they were both sitting.  I said I was happy to be there awkwardly as they welcomed me awkwardly. I was surprised that one of them was still alive.  One of them started to talk and I interrupted them by saying stop.  I said “No!  I am not going to do this.  I don’t need this that badly.  I hate you people because you are sneaky!”  I ran out the door and headed to a new job.


The new job was where I sat at a table with a bunch of women facing a glass window, looking outside to a courtyard.  I met the boss lady and she was blonde and snobby.  I moved on to sit down and was handed some dough.  I was to roll the dough in finger sized rolls.  The rolls were to become babies. As I was rolling one of the “baby rolls”, it rolled off of the table  and fell out the window.  I ran outside as the boss lady told me to keep my other “baby rolls” warm.  I put my hand around the rolls that I had and headed out to find the lost one.  I had to brush away some powdery snow as the wind blew against my face.  I found the lost “baby roll”, breathed warm air on it and shoved it in my coat.

ThE eNd

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Apple Dumplings Creation!



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