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Flesh Eating Disease Dream


Standing over an operation table, I watched a man being cut into.  The doctor looked like he was in training because the others around him kept yelling “no” when he would start to cut somewhere.

The patient, I noticed was awake during the surgery.  He had no hair, his face skin looked burned and most of his right side was missing including his right arm.

Apparently picking the correct spot, the surgeon poked into the man’s right side and promptly pulled out a hand full of intestines.  The man curled up and yelled in agony.


I reached in and scraped some of his body off of him.  It was dry and had the texture of overcooked turkey.  Looking up at the doctors, I asked what what the man’s problem.  They told me that he had a body-eating disease that made them have to remove those infected parts.

The patient wasn’t told to get up and the doctors didn’t care if he did so he just got up and walked out.  Down the hall from the operation room I caught up with him, following him into the bathroom.  He began to throw up on me and others around us.

I ran out trying to shake it off of me worried that I would be the next to have the body-eating disease!

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Band Reunion Disaster Dream


Walking on a baseball field at a local park, I was meeting where my high school band was reuniting.  I put my clarinet down on the grass where I would be standing later.  I ran to get a box and carry it back to my place and I accidentally tripped over a wire.

The color guard group started yelling at me and when I saw them, they were holding a broken cord attached to a block of cement that I had broken out of the ground. They told me that I broke the light pole and that the whole concert was ruined.  I started to yell at them and say that it was all an accident and that they didn’t have to yell.

I ran to the front of the band to try to tell them I was sorry but the old director came up and said the light was fixed.  I went to grab my clarinet but it wasn’t in the row of clarinet players anymore.  As I looked through the band, they started the performance.  I went back to where the color guard was flapping a large American flag and stumbled on it before they could lift it up.  I ruined the effect they were trying to create.

The show ended and I was walking past a row of band members filing out of the park and tripped this time on a clarinet on the ground.  It wasn’t mine but was made out of driftwood and crumbled like stale bread.  This was  a one-of-a-kind, piece that I destroyed.  The owner of it started to cry and I told her that I would give her mine once I found it and that made me cry.


Some flutists overheard and said that they had a clarinet they found but picked up so it wouldn’t get broken.  I grabbed it but it looked like it was from the Civil War and was bent.  They said they also had one with a clear mouthpiece, which was mine!  I was so happy to have it back.

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Kenny Road House Dream


I wasn’t doing so well feeling sick and weak.  My family was meeting at a restaurant in Grandview and I told them that since I wasn’t well, I would walk home.  Matt didn’t think it was a good idea but I told him it wasn’t too far.  He showed me the best way to go and I started off down an alley.

It got dark and it felt like it was going to rain.   I went into an apartment complex as it started to rain and ran into a lady who was about to shoot me with a shotgun.  I jumped behind a wall as she shot holes all over the walls and doors behind me.  I told her I was  just passing through so she put her gun aside and showed me the way out.

I stopped on my way at a home where I gave interior decorating advice for a couple with a dull bedroom.  I told them to match some paint colors to their bedspread.  They had picked yellow and and an orange accent wall.  I was pleased for them because the yellow and orange would match the rusty, metal dumpster lid that I could see out their window!

I made it to my house on Kenny Road and the storm had blown through a front porch/room knocking furniture over.  My old neighbors were the owners now and the house had not been kept up well at all.  I went to the stairway which was only 2 feet wide across.  The stairs were rickety and unstable.

I went to the outside stairs, in the rain which were just as narrow and rickety and climbed up to the roof.  There were no railings besides some metal rods here and there.  I got on the roof and started stomping to break a hole to enter through.  Once inside, I duct taped the ceiling closed.

I started to get depressed thinking that I was back in this smaller/older home.  I looked around the upstairs/attic space and the carpets were an old rose color. The more I looked the better the place got.  There was a kitchenette with all of the latest stainless steel appliances, wood flooring and wrought iron decorations.  A large rustic wood bed was in one corner and outside the widows was a deck.  The deck was screened in with a huge flat screened TV and leather couches.


A roommate from downstairs came up and said that my place was nice.  I said that I wouldn’t need to come downstairs for anything which made me happy!

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Waiting for Surgery Dream



I was waiting for my rescheduled surgery so I had to sleep outside in the parking lot.  I was on my hospital bed with army blankets.  It was daylight out and yet night.

I woke up at 3am and asked to nurses to see if it was my turn yet.  They said they would let me know so I went back out to sleep. Since it was daylight,  I swung on a swing made of chains.   A man walked by and I got out of his way so he could go into the waiting room.

In the waiting room, I checked again if it was my turn.  I still had to wait so I sat down and my sister came to sit by me and show me her nursing book.  It had a section of color swatches for paint.  There were all colors except red.

The nurses called out my name which meant it was finally my turn so they led me into the prep area.  I had to take all of my clothes off and walk out where everyone could see me and I was shy.  I ran to my bed and threw on a gown.  The nurses had colorful clay out on my bed to play with.  I started to make a replica of my cat Willey.

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5 Babies Dream


I was giving birth in the car and one baby boy after another came out.  There were a total of 4 boys born and I laid them in the back seats as they came.  The last baby to come was a girl and she had long blonde hair.  I spent the rest of the dream trying to name them.  I picked the names, Philly, Smitty, Paulie and couldn’t decide on the other boy’s name or the girl’s name.


I went to a runned down hotel where the doors didn’t shut all the way but mostly slid into place.  I didn’t like that insecure feeling and told my sister that I was going to complain to the management about it.

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Rafting Dream


I was helping save a group of kids who were trapped on a small island.  They had to sleep in the cold temperatures.  I grabbed a black rubber raft with a bar the went across my lap.  I found it hard to steer but I made it to the island.

I hugged the kids and said that I had only a few spaced on the raft and would have to make trips.  I helped a few in and tucked them in like apples in a small basket.  They didn’t fit well, but they were snug.

I jumped into my spot as the raft rocked off balance.  I cut the cord holding us to shore.  As soon as we started to drift away, I realized I didn’t have the oars.  The raft was yellow now and I paddled my hand in the water to reach some rope nearby.

I felt relieved that I actually got us back to the oars.  I paddled with such ease that I told Matt as he passed by in a barrel that he needed to get me one of these rafts someday.

Driving through a wooded area, I stumbled upon a large house for sale, surrounded by woods.  The house also had a large baseball field off the side of it for the neighborhood kids to play at.  I looked from 1000’s of feet up in the air to get a map view of the area around it.


Behind the house was a woods and behind that were two large lakes.  One smaller than the other and the large one was Lake Erie.  I saw that there were no houses around the area.

Then I saw some houses that looked like mansion style log cabins.  They were being built across the street where a cemetery used to be. I felt bad for the sellers because they must have thought that their location would never change.

I drove a van full of kids to a city building.  Matt asked where the restrooms were and it was right by us.  He went in as my parents and sister came up to me to ask me about my day.  I went down some stairs as they listened.

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Mowing and Heights Dream


I was mowing the edge of my yard where it meets the road.  There is a ditch where I see standing water and dead fish floating where I would mow.  I was having a hard time hand mowing at a steep angle while standing on the road.

Trying to find and easier way, I moved the mower left and right like a hockey player uses his stick to lead a puck along the ice.  The mower turned into a vacuum sweeper and I sucked up the grass.  The gravel along the edge of the road started to clog the vacuum and I had to keep shutting it off and shaking the pebbles out.

Matt’s granny and poppy were across the street where my neighbor’s house is and they were wearing yellow shorts, standing on ladders while they worked on their gutters.  They came over with some other people and I really wanted to go play with my Barbies instead of visit.

I took 2 dolls up to a bedroom and dressed them up with nice outfits and put black ribbons in their hair.  My mom came in and said that I was being rude to my guests.  I quickly made my Barbies dance and twirl as they fell in love.

I took my niece to a playground where there were hundred foot snow drop offs.  The people around me told me to slide my niece down it and as I held her at the top of the slope I felt it wasn’t safe.  I pulled her back to me and decided to try it myself.


The slope didn’t really slope at all at it’s 90 degree angle and when I pushed myself off, I wasn’t sliding but falling down into the dull, white nothing below.  I wasn’t too scared and the other side of the cliff started to bend like a wave from the bottom.  It slowly came up to sweep me into a slide up to the other side.  At the top again I was told to grab some leather strap handles against a tall icy wall.  Others were there too and we side by side.

This ride started by swinging us up straight into the air like a bungee cord.  My hat flew off but I caught it between my knees.  It was exhilarating to be flung up into the air so fast.

Once up in the air, our cords connected to red and orange balloons the size of cars.  Black crows came to peck at the balloons but we yelled at them to leave and kicked our legs in the same direction to move another direction in the air.

ThE eNd

(Dreamed during a night with a low grade fever)

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Office Cell Phone Dream


I was in a dark office with a large window wall behind me.  I opened the blinds but outside was another office.  I felt like a fish in a fishbowl.  I went back to my seat in the corner and started to reorganize the phone and computer cords to make sense.

My co-workers asked me to come with them and I quickly ran to the restroom.  The door was translucent and I could see my co-workers walk by.  I ran to catch up but they left the building too quickly that I lost them in the crowd.

109271-crumpled-paper-icon-business-phone-cell3-sc8 copy1

Grabbing my cell phone I tried to call them but the phone was a cardboard/bread consistency and it opened up in my  hands.  I sat on a bench and worked on piecing it back together but the brown colors were all blending together.

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