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Fancy Party Dream


My mother-in-law was hosting a large party for me at a large mansion.  A number of guests came who I didn’t know.  They were all middle aged and drinking wine.  I felt out of place.


I scurried around gathering coats in the hall and proceeded to tell them that I was not the hostess.  I was getting stressed out by all of the action so I went upstairs where the guest’s kids were.  They were in the bedrooms.

They were teenagers and the boys were in one room and the girls were in the other.  I opened the boys’ door and they were all sleeping on the bed.  I told them to come out and socialize.

I took them downstairs where they all bolted out the back patio door into the dark.  I followed them out to where they gathered on a school bus.  It drove off up into the night sky.

I went back inside to an empty house full of trash and empty bottles.  My in-laws were cleaning up the messes and installing track lighting in the kitchen/bar area.

They took me to the basement and showed me a lot of old toys and stuff that I could have if I wanted it.  I gathered some old toy cars and reminisced on the items I found.  It was too dark and wet down there to stay too long.

ThE eNd

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