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Truck Driver Dream



I was loading up a large semi-truck to hit the road but needed to go to the bathroom.  I ran into the gas station that I was parked at and waited in a long line to use it.  The people in front of me commented on my large, light blue, long shorts.

I got into my truck and headed out for my job eating cheetos.

ThE eNd

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Swimming Walking Flying Dream


I was hosting a Fourth of July party at my old farm house.  Some friends kids were there and as I watched them, one ran into the bathroom and wouldn’t come out.

I made a surf board 6″ X 12″.  It was wooden and rectangular.  Some varnish dried too fast at the top which formed an octopus which was fine.  I found myself sitting in a line to the water.  An older man made fun of me for making a surf board in line.  I jumped up and told him that I didn’t have to wait anymore.  I jumped into the water that was right next to me and used my surfboard to stay afloat.

I began a 2 day journey where I had to walk the entire time though one very long mall.  I grew very tired looking at the white walls, floors and ceilings.  Occasionally, I would pass others.  I took a break on a high school race track and ate some lettuce.  I started to fly up into the sky and flew into a very three-dimensional clouded space.


ThE eNd

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Short Camp Dream



I went to camp as a teenager and my husband was there too.  He was his normal age.  We got to the lodge first, laying out our sleeping bags in a sun room.  I looked out a window and saw a number of wolves coming our way.  The rest of the campers, including some current co-workers, came and we met them out front by some pine trees.  We warned them that the wolves were coming.  We all ran inside and I comforted girls crying on their bunk beds.

ThE eNd

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Naked Kidnapping “Dream” Dream


Having  just cleaned a water valve at a a water fountain job I was working, I proceeded to yell at the management.  I told them that I would only work 8 hours and demanded an hour lunch.  I left and the next day felt sheepish for having blown up like that.

I told the boss that I would run an errand for them and insisted on paying for it myself.  As I walked down the freeway with Matt, I stretched my left arm out as if I were signaling to the cars that I was merging in their lane.  Matt pulled me back and chastised me for trying to jump into traffic while I wasn’t even in a car.

I felt ashamed and upset with myself for not realizing that and again for my outburst at the water fountain office.  We entered a hardware store that was going out of business.  Everything was tagged 40% off and I thought that for going out of business, it would makes to give more off.  Matt and I were leaving and he helped some workers stay straw bales.  I noticed the floor was just dirt and there was poo all over.  It was like a barn.

In a dream I had while still in the hardware store, I kidnapped a lady who worked there.  I ran across the street with her and I stripped down naked.  I pushed her into a station wagon and drove off.  I wasn’t acting maliciously but instead kept wondering why I was in the situation I was in; it was almost like an Alzheimer patient’s experience.


Driving 70 miles an hour on a 3 lane highway, I was in the middle lane going one direction while the lanes surrouding me were going the opposite direction.  I spoke defensively to the kidnapped lady that I couldn’t control the speed to slow down.  Finally, the breaks worked and I turned us around.

Driving back to the hardware store, I found that it was past lunch and already 6:30pm.  I called my boss and explained that I was naked and driving through the city, having no control over my actions.  The boss was silent and I had a feeling I was out of a job.

I went into a building right next to the hardware store and wrapped toilet paper around myself.  The hardware store lady gave me a sweatshirt to wear and as I walked out the door, I was confronted by Matt and the hardware store staff.

I felt so bad for what happened and rushed across the street to retreive my clothes.  Matt then told me that the naked kidnapping was all a dream and that I shouldn’t be upset anymore.

ThE eNd.

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