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Human Baby Cat Dream


My doctor gave me a shot so that I could go into my bathroom and give birth easily.  There was a bit of pressure but the baby came out right away.  The baby was a boy and he had a human sized nose.

I took the baby to a holiday event to show my family.  They weren’t impressed with it and I was surprised because they didn’t even know I was pregnant.

I asked them why they didn’t seem to be excited and they said that it was only a kitten so that wasn’t that big of a deal.  Looking down in my hands, the baby boy turned into a gray kitten.  I was upset at first but then I liked the idea of having a gray kitten for a child.

After carrying the kitten around for a couple of days, I decided that I would rather have the baby boy back.


ThE eNd

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Office in a Stairwell Dream



I was working at my desk when I heard some sounds coming from the office door right by me.  I opened the door, seeing a white stairwell.

I walked down one flight of stairs and when I got to the landing I saw a lady sitting at a desk.  Stairs still continued beyond the landing that she was sitting on and I thought that was an odd place to have an office.

I went back to work and then when it was time to go to lunch, I decided to go down the stairwell to exit.  When I got to the desk on the landing, 2 ladies were sitting at 2 different desks, talking on the phone.  I tried to slide by them but I couldn’t fit between the narrow space between their desks.

I motioned to the blonde chubby lady and she said she didn’t have time to assist me.

ThE eNd

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Moving on a Rollercoaster Dream


I was working for a past employer who was demanding me to work 24 hours in a day.  Becoming very brave I told them that I would not work that much and continued that I was not going to work for them anymore!

I started going through the office which turned into my childhood home.  I started to pack books and things into small duffel bags.  As I looked around, I realized I had more to pack up in my “office” than I had originally thought. Looking under a bed, I was glad to  find all kinds of photographs that I would have been upset if they were left behind.  Stopping by the bathroom, I gathered some lotions and toiletries.

My mom came in and she was packing up too; We were both leaving the job.  Being quiet, we packed all throughout the night.  I gathered some last minute dishes and shoved them into my duffel bags.

We carried our bags outside into the warm summer daybreak and my sister came up to us to wish us well.  We waited in line and boarded a roller coaster.  I strapped in my duffel bags were strapped in behind me and we zoomed up the track.

ThE eNd


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Dentist Backyard Dream


I went to the dentist and took my salad with me to the back room where the receptionist said to go.  I began eating my salad but felt tired so I took a nap on my sister’s childhood bed.

After I woke up I continued to eat and the receptionist came to me saying that I was only to come to this room to pick up paperwork and then leave.  I was told that I was not to be eating my salad in there.


I went to the check out line and paid for my hardware and Matt helped me carry my bags outside to my mom’s car.  We drove off and passed a backyard barbecue where some large plastic dogs were playing.

I decided to move in there and my dogs played with the large plastic dogs.  I walked out to the small, fenced-in backyard and the grass was completely covered with dog poop.  It was dry and crumbling.   I grabbed a broom and started sweeping the poop up from the corner of the yard.  I was pleased that a broom worked to make the poop just disappear instead of piling it up.

I finished up, went into the apartment.  I walked around upstairs and felt that I was disturbing the neighbors below.  I went out to the balcony and looked into the neighbor’s window because their little girls were fighting on bunk beds.

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Bathroom Commons Dream


I needed to use the restroom so I entered the first one that I saw.  The room was as large as a warehouse with dirt floors and exposed ceiling beams.

I first saw a hand-washing station by the entrance, passed it and looked down an isle that looked like a barn.  There were stalls as large as horse stalls and instead of doors there were 4 foot platforms in each.

I chose a “stall” at the corner where there were intersecting walkways.  I saw that on the platforms, there were a number of 12 inch diameter holes cut in the board.   I looked into one towards the center but it was completely full of excrement.   Not being particularly concerned with that I moved on to the hole right at the edge.  It seemed reasonable so I climbed on up.


Sitting cross-legged over the hole, I did some business but had a hard time with #2.  So I casually sat there as others joined me on neighboring holes.  A couple of young, teenage boys sat behind me and we chatted about passerbyers.

Although distracted, I finished all of my business.  The boys looked into the hole where I was sitting and said “not bad”.  I hopped off of the platform and said, “Thanks for  chatting with me while I went”.

I went to the wash station, soaped up my hands, rinsed and walked out.

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Killing Rainbow Brite Dream


I was friends with Rainbow Brite and we took a boat ride to a large white island house.  We went in to explore but found we lived there.  I put a statue under a lamp shade and waited for Rainbow Brite to come in the room.  When she entered, she was dressed all in pink and her hair was disheveled.  She was not herself anymore.  She was out to get me!


I chased her around the house and shoved her in an ice cooler along with her dog.  I then lit a matched and burned them up.

ThE eNd

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