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Catch a glimpse of the mundane adventures in my life, my artwork, and my warped night dreams!

Moose BBQ Dream


Matt told me that there were some moose down by the railroad track that had been killed.  He wanted us to go gather them and take them home to eat even thought it would be illegal.

I agreed and we went down to the tracks but there was a lodge right next to it and there were a group of old men around a fire pit sitting next to the two moose.

We looked at the the moose and they had really long noses that looked like logs.  The old men decided to share some moose with us and it was some good BBQ moose!

ThE eNd

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Zombie Attack Dream


I was staying in a very large cottage/lodge.  There were large widows throughout and while pillars throughout.  A disease came into the house and made the people staying there zombies.  A little girl walked up to me and her face switched into a gnarly, rotting zombie face.  I ran from her and the next person I found turned at me as a zombie.   I ran to the kitchen and found a knife to protect myself with.


There was a knock at the door and I begged the others not to open it.  A zombie burst through the door and I started stabbing him.  He kept coming at me so I swung a hatchet at his neck, cutting off his head.  I was so relieved, but still quite anxious.  Someone touched my shoulder and I spun around whacking the head off of Matt.  Seeing that Matt wasn’t a zombie, I told myself that it didn’t happen and he became whole again.

I continued to fight off the zombies until they were all hacked up.

ThE eNd

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