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Hollywood Cat Audition Dream


I was at my childhood home running down the hill in the backyard. I was holding what looked like part of a lawn chair.  The wind caught under the meshing that I held and lifted me up in the air like a glider.  I could control how I moved so I floated up and down above my neighbors houses.  My cousin was on the patio below me so I came down to see her.

This was our first meeting ever so I hugged her and invited her into my house to meet the family.  We all bonded but she had to leave.  So a guy in a black compact car helped her with her stuff and I ran and jumped in the back seat because I wanted some more time with her.  We drove to JFK Airport in NYC but the airport looked like a castle.

We dropped her off and the guy asked me to take the car back.  I didn’t have shoes on but decided it wouldn’t matter much.  Before I could get in, a man had me bring my cat Willey with me to an operation room.  I was to put a mask and a witches hat on Willey and climb up a ladder.

If I could stand on the ladder with her and have her be calm, she would be in Hollywood Movies. Willey did pretty good.  We didn’t stay up an hour and she squirmed a bit when I tried putting the hat on her.

ThE eNd

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Ice Water Slide Dream


Dream #1

I was on a hike with friends when we spotted an old ice water slide. The slide was built into the side of a cliff.  We were told that it stopped being used because of the design being out of date.  Some people went to the top and started sliding down it.  I joined them and from the top of the slide I became pretty nervous about sailing down it.  I decided to just go for it and let go of the sides and slid away.  I bounced up from the slide and came back down and slid the rest of the way down very fast.

At the bottom I thought that it was pretty fun.  I looked at the slide and all the way to the top were pairs of shoes.  Each pair was by a marking on the slide that listed a year.  We were told that each year that the slide was used, a pair of shoes was set by the year.  It was very interesting to see all the changes in shoe fashion over the 100 years the slide was in use.

ThE eNd

Dream #2

I went to play volleyball at my old church.  I was doing pretty well until it was my turn to serve the ball.  It wouldn’t go over the net as if the ball were as light as a piece of paper.  The lady coach decided that since I was having trouble, the whole team would have to go to a practice session.  I was pretty upset that the team had to go through it because of me.

ThE eNd

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Travel Dream


I got on a raft with Matt and some others and we zoomed down a river.  I thought that the green-blue water was such a beautiful shade so I tried touching it.  As I reached in, someone told me that we were skimming over sand and that it would hurt to touch it.  I fell back and banged my elbow on a stone that was jetting out of the water off the other side of the boat.

The river was low and the banks rose above our heads.  Overhanging trees made our trip shaded and peaceful.  We came upon a part of the bank that had campers resting.  We looked through an opening and said hi very quietly as if we were aliens.  They were happy to see us and we moved on.

We got to a restaurant and hopped off of the raft.  I made my way through the crowd and realized that I wanted to be back on the raft.  I squeezed passed people sitting at cafe tables and entered a dark hallway.  I called for “fritz” the dog and he came running.  I told the people behind me that he wasn’t mine but that I was taking care of him.

He ran ahead and I wasn’t worried.  Every once in a while, I would call his name and he would appear from out of the dark corners somewhere.  When I got to the end of the hall, there was a large room with lights.  I started playing the room as a video game.  I didn’t even know what I was doing but I quickly pressed my thumbs down onto the controller and I racked up a lot of points.

My mom asked me what I was doing but I didn’t know.  Once the room was a room again, I realized that I won the game. I went to tell my gramma and she was happy for me.  She was living in a home that was very dirty and half torn up.  It resembled a cold, haunted house.  My aunt commented that someone had torn the upholstery off of the top of the couch and now the top was just all blackened.

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Theater Star Dream


I was walking through a high school that was just redecorated with flat screen tv’s all over the walls.  A girl caught my arm and said that I should try out for the play.  I said that I wasn’t good at that kind of thing and that I drove so far every day and wouldn’t want to drive down for rehearsals.  She insisted.

I went with her on stage and was given a line to say:  “live”.  I asked the director what the context was.  She smiled and came up and hugged me saying that my question was what she was looking for.

Once I stared acting I discovered that I was pretty good.  My character was the oldest sister in “Little Women”.  I wore a long dress and had a feather hat.

When the tryout was over, I started to drive home but turned around.  I wanted to know if I had made it or not.  I went to the dressing room and saw that the cast was sitting around voting on those who auditioned.  They welcomed me in and said that the voting was almost complete and that I was the one they wanted.

I was very excited and told myself that I would make the rehearsal schedules work.

ThE eNd

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