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Myself With Myself as Toddler Dream


I was carrying myself as a toddler and I asked my small self  how I could stand the strands of hair blowing in my face. I guessed at that age, I didn’t pay attention.  My little self was fussy and didn’t want to talk to me.  I was trying to introduce her to my friends to show them what I was like as a toddler.  That wasn’t a great idea.  Once I (as a toddler) stopped fussing, she fell asleep on my shoulder and I carried her around a department store with some family.

I wanted my little self to rest on a display bed at the mall but the family wanted to move on.  We got into a fight and I stayed behind and played with some He-man figurines, contemplating if anyone would notice if a few of them disappeared with me.  My family came back and said they were leaving and I told them to get out of Delaware!

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Moving Work Dream


I was in my old church’s Sunday school classrooms unpacking my work stuff.  I was dusting and trying to find places for my office supplies. I found a bunch of extra scissors and was very excited about that!

I was in charge of organizing where the new employee’s would sit and made up name tags for their doors.  As I walked down the hallway, the rooms looked more like dorm rooms and the employees were making up their beds.

Lady Gaga and some other music stars were in one room and I got down on one knee, took her hand and thanked her for her work.

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Antique Findings Dream


I was at a high school band practice and my clarinet broke.  I was told to use one from the back room and it would be mine.  I pulled out an old clarinet case with dust all over it.

Opening it, I found an antique clarinet with notes on it that it was from the 1500’s.  Inside the case were carved drawings of ships and castles. I was so excited about this find and showed everyone.  Those around me told me to go look in an old car out back and I would see more old things.

The old truck was one of the first trucks ever made. It’s bed was loaded with old knick-knacks, instruments, sewing supplies, tools and books.  I cranked up the truck and it up and it actually started.  I got in and drove it out of the lot.  I was a little nervous driving it at twilight since I wasn’t sure if the headlights worked and if I would be able to drive fast enough to keep up with traffic.

I pulled into an amusement park dedicated to historical homes and shops.  I drove right through some shops admiring their authenticity.  A couple of store owners were upset that I was driving through but they couldn’t catch me.

As I kept on driving, the “townsfolk” chased me out to the factory area.  I drove up a ramp up towards a building that was not finished yet.  Towards the top, I saw that there was a bunch of popcorn piled up on some of the floors so I started dropping it all on them to keep them away.
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France Flight Dream


I was visiting France on a nice sunny weekend. I was staying at a friend’s house in their basement.  Unfortunately once I got a mattress all set up for myself, I realized that it was a communal basement and other guests started pouring in.  I was a little uneasy about it and tried to stay off to myself.  Everyone found a mattress on the floor and butted up next to mine.

I was leaving France and on my way to the airport I had boarded a flying taxi which resembled an amusement park ride car or a jeep of some sort with fresh cut flowers surrounding the exterior.  There was no roof and the seats were arranged one seat per row.

I was fighting with some penguin-like creatures for seats near the front.  Concerned, we all settled because of the rough way we were flying through the city.  We weaved in and out around buildings and balcony patios almost tipping over and falling out.

I saw my grandma wearing a blue dress at one point and we stopped to pick her up. When we landed, we found out that he had died and that I was to tell the family when we were home.  I was upset from this news and didn’t care where I sat on the flying contraption to the airport.

At the airport I was trying to figure out how many tickets that all of my co-workers would need. I argued with the attendant and looked down at my hands, holding a bunch of tickets and passports. I became pretty stressed that I didn’t have it right.

After getting the tickets, I was to pack my bags at a self-bagging area.  There were large boxes to put all of my clothes in, almost like a closet.  I hung up my dresses and stacked my shoes up.  At the top there was a mini-fridge and on the side there were Band-aids that would peel off in case they were needed.

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Rat Murder Dream


We danced until he couldn’t stand anymore.  My apparently famous dancing partner, of a portly build, wearing glasses and and a pocket protector, had had enough.  He slid to the floor and I gathered him in my arms with no little effort. He snickered and giggled as I weaved my way through the crowd.

The other guests at this party chuckled as I carried him to the elevator.  We were on the 5th floor, full of balloons and music and once inside the elevator, I realized that we were not headed in the right direction.

When the doors opened, we were back at the party.  I explained to the elevator attendant that we need to be on the 5th floor of hotel rooms, not the 5th floor party floor.  Regrouping we made it to my upstairs spare bedroom.

Hot chocolate packs and two rusty bicycle wheels were extracted from my party souvenir bag.  The wheels were assembled into a sort of cage, barely held together with wire. Talking the cage outside into the cold darkness, I mounted my horse with my mom and friends and started a late night ride.

We passed a fence with rickety wire strung loosely along the edge.  I took some needle-nosed pliers and began trimming it away so that we could jump over with ease.  Parallel to our path, a small creek ran by us and my mom pointed out to us that there were a number of violet flowers that started growing on their own throughout the yard.

Once back at the room, I threw a duffel bag with the cage on the floor and it started moving.  A distorted rat face peered out from the bag.  I tried shoving it into the wheel cage but the cage collapsed as I tried.  The rat ran out and was the size of a groundhog.  It was viciously biting at me so I pried his mouth open until his jaw snapped.  There were many sharp teeth which hurt my fingertips.  Breaking his jaw didn’t deter the creature as it began clawing at me.

I grabbed a hammer and flailed about playing a real live game of whack-a-mole with the rat.  I smashed it’s head and it separated from the body.  His muscles twitched and I beat it again.  His slimy claws were clinging to my pant leg and as I backed away from him, it detached from his body and came with me.  Slowly, as if it were still alive and able to harm me, I carefully pulled the clawed paw and leg off of me and cleaned up the mess.

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