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Chaos Work Dream


I was in a dark office space where my co-workers were playing basketball at one end.  I was upset that they would break something.  The whole place was very crowded with employees.  I had to push my way through crowds to get to my desk.

I was leading people to a meeting room and one co-worker came out of a dressing room wearing a black leather trench coat.  His hair was long and he had side burns.  I didn’t say anything but he looked weird.

A guest in the meeting room asked if she could have some of the peach ice cream that was in the break room.  I told her that there may be vanilla but not peach.  I went to double check but the fridge was very dark and packed full.  I found only cookies and cream ice cream.

In the print room I looked around for tomatoes up on shelves by the ceiling.  I had a couple of co-workers go up there to fetch them for me.

There was a large window covered with layers of ice.  I was concerned that this could be a problem.

I was to take those in the meeting on a wooden raft out in the icy waters.  The raft started to sink and I slid off to paddle them back to the shore.  One co-worker told me to keep my feet dry when I was already waste deep in the water.

When I got back to the office, I wanted to crawl in my bed at my cubicle.  The blankets had white paint on them and a co-worker was painting the wall.  I yelled at him for getting paint on my bed and started to punch at him.

I left work and headed to a dinner party.  Finding a spot in the parking lot, I went in and met up with my cousins whom I have either never met or barely met.  I hugged them all long and tight.  I began to ask them if they had worn braces when they were younger.  They said they had and I felt that this confirmed something important.

An old relative came over and I hugged him too.  He frowned at me and walked into an office, shutting the door behind him.

ThE eNd

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Freddy Kruegar Dream


I was a little girl, lying on a couch or bed with my mom and Freddy Kruegar’s hand came up over my stomach and was about to slice me up.  I screamed out “Mommy, Mommy!!”.

(then I woke up to myself actually yelling that out)

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Taylor Swift Meeting Dream


While walking on a city street, I saw Taylor Swift crossing the street in front of me.  I called out her name and she crossed back over towards me and my friends.  She hugged me and my friends took pictures of us.  She was in street clothes with her hair pulled back.

She told me that she had a little boy but that no one knew about it because it would be bad for her reputation if people knew.  I found that interesting and then she went on her way.

My friends said that they had taken video.  I was pretty excited to see it but they started to download it to their computer before I watched it.  Some kind of interference made the video turn into one of Taylor Swift’s music videos, overwriting our meeting.  I was upset because I didn’t get a chance to even see it and now it was lost forever.

I did get to see one picture that turned out but it was just Taylor laughing and nothing to prove I had met her.

ThE eNd

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Monster Creature Dream


I was leaving a country church service, looking for my green van in the parking lot.  I was given a little boy/creature that I loaded up in the van and then put in a cage in my downstairs living room.

The little boy/creature was bald, naked and had fangs.  He was more of an animal than human and sneaky.  It was hard to trust that my cage and locks would work and I felt very uneasy about him leaving my sight.  I told those around me that I hated having him in my house.  I was afraid he would escape and harm me.

I went out with some friends and looked at some dog clothes that were cute.  The outfits sold out while we were there.  When I got back to the house, there was another creature upstairs in a cage that was delivered when I was gone.  I did not want to stay there anymore.

ThE eNd

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Octopus Dogs Dream


I was taking a bath when I noticed a pink octopus/jelly fish creature about the size of a dog swimming at my feet.  It was pink and smiled at me with a dog-like face.  I hugged it and then put it back in the water but it started to suck on my knee.  I was worried that it was trying to eat me!

I got out and it followed me out with dog legs in addition to his octopus legs.  I walked into a kitchen with very high/ dark ceilings.  I put the dog-topus in a barrel outside the kitchen window and it splashed about trying to get out.  I asked Matt if he brought this and another dog-topus in the house and he said he did.  I explained that I really didn’t want them in the house.  As I was speaking, the dog-topus started climbing in through the kitchen window.

A purple dog-topus was outside trotting towards a back door and I decided to ignore them and paint the kitchen walls instead.

ThE eNd

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