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Recording my Mind



A friend posted her dream from last night and it dawned on me that I had partially been remembering my dream from last night.  Of course as soon as I was going to blog it, I wondered if I could conger up the images and events.  Psyching myself out, I could only feel just a  light sense of the dream.

This dream seemed great this morning as I woke from it, full of action and excitement.  Usually if there is a dream that I remember, I do write it down on a notepad by my bedside, but this one was so vivid, so real, I felt I wouldn’t forget it as I rushed about getting ready for work.

When I try to send an e-mail but instead it gets lost in space somewhere, I feel sick to my stomach.  I feel the same way when I can’t recall a dream.  At least with the lost e-mail situation, I have an idea at least of what the e-mail subject was before it disappeared!  Even as I write now, I can feel some of the dream touch my conscious mind, and gets lost the same moment.

I am sure it will be done someday but it would be great to have a dream recorder that I could plug into the TV in the morning and watch, hear, feel and smell last night’s dreams.  Instead of dream recognition and writing them down, I could have a video blog instead!  I can only wait for that day to come so that I can share exactly what I dream without the fear of forgetting it.

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