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Guinea Pig Dream


While shopping for gloves at a second hand store I spotted a number of pets for sale in aquarium tanks at the top of some shelves.  A cat sized guinea pig looked down towards me and I felt that I had once owned him.  I remembered having one 30 years ago as a kid and how my mom would shake her finger at him when he wet on the carpet.  He would always respond to that gesture by shaking his finger back at her.  I decided to see if this guinea pig would respond the same way.  After I shook my finger at him, he echoed the gesture!  I was excited that it was once mine and decided to buy him.

I was handed the guinea pig which turned into a large blond woman which lay limp in my arms like a stuffed doll.  I carried her out to the car and we drove away. I ended up back at the second hand store and I now lived there.  The place was pretty dirty, dark and run down.  While walking through some isles I saw an infant wrapped up in some blankets.  I was shocked that it was alone and wondered how long it had been there.  I took it off of the shelf and placed it on the couch.  After leaving to get some water and coming back, the baby no longer had a baby’s head but an adult head.  The head was a creepy looking man’s head with greased back black hair and crooked teeth.  I was not interested in taking care of it anymore.

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