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Holiday Visit and Ark Dream


I went to visit some distant uncle and aunt for the holidays.  When I arrived at their home, I was the one hosting them.  I started cleaning all of the bathrooms meticulously.  While cleaning one of the bathrooms, I found that I needed to use the toilet so I sat down.  The uncle and aunt opened the door and came on in and started to talk to me.  I told them that I was using the toilet but it seemed normal for them to visit like this.  I asked them to leave so I could finish and they did.

It was time to go to the frozen river and participate in the glowing skate.  Walking through the cold woods I could see glowing lights that were being held by a number of people skating in a close bunch. Above them they were holding a truck.

Stepping out on the river some people said that there were unstable areas that I should avoid.  Just as they said that I saw a portion of the ice start to separate and rise up out of the water.  I jumped up onto one of the shifting pieces below me and slid high up into the air.  After the ice settled I fell into the water and scrambled toward the ice.  I got out and jumped up into the truck that the skaters were carrying.  I was so happy to be out.

Once on land, I started climbing up some muddy cliffs toward Noah’s Ark. It was far off and I was having difficulties reaching the top without sliding down with every step.  Once to the top I then had to climb a steep ramp up to the boat.  Grumbling all the way up, I became completely fed up with the situation.

ThE eNd

Extra Dream:  I scheduled an unofficial  happy hour with my company at a bowling bar.  We gathered around the bar while Lady Gaga music played in the background.  I jumped up out of my chair and began performing contemporary dances in an open space.  They were not impressed but I had a great time dancing!

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