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Roadside Rest Stop Dream


I slid on ice in my station wagon to a road side rest stop.  Once off of the road, I came upon a cottage-like shelter. In the yard there was a giant swing-set.  I swung for a while and at top speed, felt scared that I might fall out. I slowed down, got off and walked under a pergola in the courtyard.

Entering the cottage, I almost stepped on what I thought were chicks.  When I looked closer, they were actually Ritz crackers standing upright with beaks, pecking the dirt below.  I found this whimsical and continued to tour the place.

In one dimly lit, dusty room I came upon a bunk bed with two oriental ladies hovered together.  They handed me a blanket with two hot water bottles tucked in the folds.  At first confused, I soon realized that these water bottles were the ladies’ babies, so to speak.  I handed them back and knew that they all didn’t have long to live.

I left that room and peaked into another room where a large, giant-like man lay in a small bed.  Once he saw me, he grumbled at me to not to be there.  I went on in and sat by his bed.  I had no fear but soon he started to make me feel uncomfortable so I decided to leave, but as I looked out the window, I saw wolves outside wanting to get in.

Running through the place with my mom, the furniture kept blocking us in.  It was like weaving through a maze.  Finding a clearing at the back kitchen door, we ran past the wolves that were chained up in the lawn.  We barely missed their bites as we ran towards a truck and hopped in, driving away in the night.

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