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Bearded Concert and Fugitive Dream


Dream #1

I woke up in a small bedroom with Rachel and Monica from “Friends”.  We were planning on rearranging the room and I was getting excited about the process.  I took a bookshelf outside my patio door, onto the grass to see where I would put it.  My room was going to be built where a deck should be.  It was hard to arrange furniture in my mind without knowing where the walls would be.

I began to get ready in a janitor’s closet for a brass band concert.  My parents were waiting in the audience.  I brushed my red hair and noticed that I had no hair lower down on the back of my head.  That fact wasn’t too concerning but I realized that I had a bunch of long red hair growing under my chin.  Unlike a typical beard, it was long and oddly placed growing out of my neck  I brushed it over my shoulders and hoped that this would hide it.

Walking into the darkened theater, I found my parents. I sat with them and before the band came out, Brad Paisley began to play guitar.  He had gray hair and I found that odd.

Dream #2

I was a fugitive of sorts but I was innocent of whatever crime I had committed.  I was still extra hairy and felt like a cave man.  A grew of authoritative men chased me  into a vault and locked myself in from the inside.

The vault had a never ending pit off of the one side of the space.  The other side had a ladder leading up a cylindrical perch with a small opening , looking out over the shops below.  I stayed there for ages going mad.

Finally climbing out of the small opening, I ran onto a large cargo truck passing by.  I accented to the top racks and held onto the railing.  A small, old lady wearing red stood by me and made small talk while I scanned the truck to see if I was safe.  My  pursuers saw me though and I watched them shoot two people who had climbed aboard like me.  The victims were wearing red.

The old lady said not to worry because those men would only shoot people in red.  I looked at her concerned for her safety and then realized that I was wearing red too. Right as they were about to reach me, I jumped off and scrambled back up to my safety lair.

Unfortunately they followed me in and I began hand to hand combat with the leader.  The gun fell out of his hands and I grabbed it.  I looked down and he was now my dog Dixie.  I knew Dixie was bad now and would hurt me so I shot at her with my eyes closed.  I opened them to see small bullet holes in her body and she was laying on the ground breathing slowly.  My heart was breaking and I couldn’t  move.

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