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Rat Murder Dream


We danced until he couldn’t stand anymore.  My apparently famous dancing partner, of a portly build, wearing glasses and and a pocket protector, had had enough.  He slid to the floor and I gathered him in my arms with no little effort. He snickered and giggled as I weaved my way through the crowd.

The other guests at this party chuckled as I carried him to the elevator.  We were on the 5th floor, full of balloons and music and once inside the elevator, I realized that we were not headed in the right direction.

When the doors opened, we were back at the party.  I explained to the elevator attendant that we need to be on the 5th floor of hotel rooms, not the 5th floor party floor.  Regrouping we made it to my upstairs spare bedroom.

Hot chocolate packs and two rusty bicycle wheels were extracted from my party souvenir bag.  The wheels were assembled into a sort of cage, barely held together with wire. Talking the cage outside into the cold darkness, I mounted my horse with my mom and friends and started a late night ride.

We passed a fence with rickety wire strung loosely along the edge.  I took some needle-nosed pliers and began trimming it away so that we could jump over with ease.  Parallel to our path, a small creek ran by us and my mom pointed out to us that there were a number of violet flowers that started growing on their own throughout the yard.

Once back at the room, I threw a duffel bag with the cage on the floor and it started moving.  A distorted rat face peered out from the bag.  I tried shoving it into the wheel cage but the cage collapsed as I tried.  The rat ran out and was the size of a groundhog.  It was viciously biting at me so I pried his mouth open until his jaw snapped.  There were many sharp teeth which hurt my fingertips.  Breaking his jaw didn’t deter the creature as it began clawing at me.

I grabbed a hammer and flailed about playing a real live game of whack-a-mole with the rat.  I smashed it’s head and it separated from the body.  His muscles twitched and I beat it again.  His slimy claws were clinging to my pant leg and as I backed away from him, it detached from his body and came with me.  Slowly, as if it were still alive and able to harm me, I carefully pulled the clawed paw and leg off of me and cleaned up the mess.

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