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Baby Dreams


Don’t know why I have been dreaming about babies… these dreams aren’t so happy either…

Brian, Matt’s brother, or Christi, Matt’s sister had a baby and they let me hold it.  Well it wasn’t like a real baby, and it looked more like a transformer action figure.  It was small like an action figure too.  I wasn’t too worried about the size but the head fell off while I was holding it!  I didn’t mean to do that!  OOPS

Dream #2

I FORGOT that I had a baby!  I ran to the fridge and found the baby.  It was fine but hungry…. so I fed it dog food and put it back in the fridge.  After eating thanksgiving dinner I remembered that I had the baby still and that I put it back in the fridge without burping it after it ate.  So I jumped up, ran to the fridge, got my baby out, and burped it.  It then sat up in a chair and we laughed about the fridge… then I put it back in the fridge for the night.

ThE eNd

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