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France Flight Dream


I was visiting France on a nice sunny weekend. I was staying at a friend’s house in their basement.  Unfortunately once I got a mattress all set up for myself, I realized that it was a communal basement and other guests started pouring in.  I was a little uneasy about it and tried to stay off to myself.  Everyone found a mattress on the floor and butted up next to mine.

I was leaving France and on my way to the airport I had boarded a flying taxi which resembled an amusement park ride car or a jeep of some sort with fresh cut flowers surrounding the exterior.  There was no roof and the seats were arranged one seat per row.

I was fighting with some penguin-like creatures for seats near the front.  Concerned, we all settled because of the rough way we were flying through the city.  We weaved in and out around buildings and balcony patios almost tipping over and falling out.

I saw my grandma wearing a blue dress at one point and we stopped to pick her up. When we landed, we found out that he had died and that I was to tell the family when we were home.  I was upset from this news and didn’t care where I sat on the flying contraption to the airport.

At the airport I was trying to figure out how many tickets that all of my co-workers would need. I argued with the attendant and looked down at my hands, holding a bunch of tickets and passports. I became pretty stressed that I didn’t have it right.

After getting the tickets, I was to pack my bags at a self-bagging area.  There were large boxes to put all of my clothes in, almost like a closet.  I hung up my dresses and stacked my shoes up.  At the top there was a mini-fridge and on the side there were Band-aids that would peel off in case they were needed.

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