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Antique Findings Dream


I was at a high school band practice and my clarinet broke.  I was told to use one from the back room and it would be mine.  I pulled out an old clarinet case with dust all over it.

Opening it, I found an antique clarinet with notes on it that it was from the 1500’s.  Inside the case were carved drawings of ships and castles. I was so excited about this find and showed everyone.  Those around me told me to go look in an old car out back and I would see more old things.

The old truck was one of the first trucks ever made. It’s bed was loaded with old knick-knacks, instruments, sewing supplies, tools and books.  I cranked up the truck and it up and it actually started.  I got in and drove it out of the lot.  I was a little nervous driving it at twilight since I wasn’t sure if the headlights worked and if I would be able to drive fast enough to keep up with traffic.

I pulled into an amusement park dedicated to historical homes and shops.  I drove right through some shops admiring their authenticity.  A couple of store owners were upset that I was driving through but they couldn’t catch me.

As I kept on driving, the “townsfolk” chased me out to the factory area.  I drove up a ramp up towards a building that was not finished yet.  Towards the top, I saw that there was a bunch of popcorn piled up on some of the floors so I started dropping it all on them to keep them away.
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