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Myself With Myself as Toddler Dream


I was carrying myself as a toddler and I asked my small self  how I could stand the strands of hair blowing in my face. I guessed at that age, I didn’t pay attention.  My little self was fussy and didn’t want to talk to me.  I was trying to introduce her to my friends to show them what I was like as a toddler.  That wasn’t a great idea.  Once I (as a toddler) stopped fussing, she fell asleep on my shoulder and I carried her around a department store with some family.

I wanted my little self to rest on a display bed at the mall but the family wanted to move on.  We got into a fight and I stayed behind and played with some He-man figurines, contemplating if anyone would notice if a few of them disappeared with me.  My family came back and said they were leaving and I told them to get out of Delaware!

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