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Grocery Store Floor Dream


I went into a local grocery store and the floor looked nice and slippery.  Some toy airplanes were rolling through the isles to give out coupons.  I jumped up and slid across the floor toward the airplane. At that same moment, an old lady grocery clerk shouted at me.

I got up quickly, thinking that she was yelling at me for sliding through the store.  Before she spoke, I thought about how absurd this reaction would be since I saw no signs telling me not to slide on my belly.

The lady said that her glasses were broken and that she was trying to make a phone call but didn’t have any change.  She said that since I was on the floor already, could I slide around and find some change for her.

I was happy to do so and slid about through the isles handing her nickles and dimes.  Once she had enough, I got up and ran out to meet Matt in his truck.  We were headed out to a vacation and the truck cab was full of luggage.

While I was driving I saw a car stalled in the lane in front of me and instead of stopping I tried to do a 180 turn into the next lane.  This plan didn’t work and I rammed the car into the next lane’s traffic.

When everything stopped Matt and I got out of the truck and waited by the side of the road with those we crashed into.  The cop told me what the others had said happened.  When I tried to tell him my version, he cut me off.  I cut him off right back and said that he would hear my version.  I said that it was all my fault because the car was stalled and I was trying to avoid it- poorly!

Matt and I went into a toy warehouse and browsed the dark isles.  I found some old Moon Dreamer figurines and my sister was there by me telling me that I loved playing with the purple haired girl from She-Ra when I was little.  I was excited to buy the doll and headed off to see what else the place had.

Toward the back of the store where it was even more dark than the front (as if no overhead lights were on) I saw some neat kites that would be fun to fly at my house.  The pricetags said $100 and I decided that they wouldn’t be “that” fun afterall.

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