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Farm House-Lunch Break Dream


I was at work and there was a-shirt contest.  We were to take white shirts and make them colorful and it went along with a theme.  I spent a while creating mine but before the contest, thought that it was too typical of what everyone else would have.  I showed up to the fast food line in a black and white polka dotted dress and ensemble. Everyone was impressed.

Matt and I rushed home to eat lunch and I was having hot flashes so I took off all of my clothes and sat on a chair in a parlor room.  Our house was up on a hill and it was a huge white farm house with high ceilings and mostly empty rooms.

Someone knocked at the door and it was some old friend’s parents.  I saw them through the window at the door and was annoyed to see them.

Matt let them in too soon and they saw me putting my clothes back on and I got under a blanket saying that I wasn’t feeling well. Since I  didn’t want to see them anyway, I didn’t talk much to them, but they wanted a tour of the house.

Matt’s granny came by too and wanted a tour so we said okay.  I started decorating the house for Christmas by putting wreaths on the front door.  Outside, though I looked at some giant flowers as tall as a person, growing by the side of the road. They were bathed in the misty light and I wanted to remember to take pictures of them later.

I was told that my boss and Matt’s boss were upstairs and that I was supposed to climb a very narrow stairway to tell them that we would be back soon.  I got very claustrophobic in the small beige space, but made it up and down a few times, bringing them a few things.

Matt and I took a walk and found a lady coming down from a cliff, very beat up and scratched up.  Her husband ran over and said that the wolf attacked her.  We started searching for the wolf and on the way, the lady died.

Back at the house out front in the yard a group of us were trying to figure out who the wolf was.  We knew somehow that the warewolf grabbed the lady’s leg a certain way so we knew to look for that in our suspects.

As we sat around together thinking and watching out for each other, the lady’s husband grabbed my leg casually why everyone was distracted and I motioned to matt that he was the one who killed her.  The men pounced on him and tied him up while the ware wolf glared at me for catching him.

After that was over, I went back inside the large white farm house and met up with some fairy tale princesses.  They welcomed me in and showed me a bunch of kittens they had found.  I sat on the kitchen floor and hugged a couple of them.  These were kittens from my past, the princesses said but now were currently dead. I hugged the kittens and cried over their future (but actually past) deaths.

In the front room of the house I saw a kitten swinging on a ceiling lamp.  It had crawled up there by climbing up the curtains. I saw a bunch of other kittens crawling up the curtains and decided to fix the situation.  I took all of the curtains down and grabbed all of the blankets in the house.  I shut them up in the back room and told everyone not to open the door because the kittens would ruin them.

Sitting down in the front room, we watched TV and I saw smoke rising up from behind the TV stand.  I ran over and saw that a cord was broken in two and smouldering.  I unplugged it and it was known that the cord would keep burning even if unplugged.

I wrapped it in plastic and ran to my parent’s bedroom.  Getting ready for bed, my parents told me that wrapping it up wasn’t going to stop the fire and said that I should go to the hardware store to find the answer.

Matt and I started out but didn’t know the way.  Matt texted his mom and she gave us directions to the nearest hardware store.  Once there, they gave us slime in a bucket to put the cord in to keep it from burning.

Lunch break was finally over and Matt and I headed back to work.  At work, I stood on the desk and shut the curtains to keep out the light.  I was asked by Matt’s mom to run downstairs to pick up some things for her.

On the basement floor was a large dorm room.  There were numerous bunk beds lined up in rows. I sat on one but it was dark and dirty and I was hesitant to make myself comfortable.

I found another bunk bed to wait on which was by a kiddy pool set up to look like a small pond.  A large, sloppy lady came and sat down and she welcomed me to the room.  Matt’s mom returned and she began to perform a dance for us.  I noticed that her backside was a large bubble shape the size of two bean bags.

I met up with a small group in an even darker corner of the dorm basement.  They were discussing science fiction technology and I didn’t know anything about it.  We watched a large flat screen monitor of ocean life with music playing in the background.

Feeling out of place,  I headed back upstairs but the stairs didn’t line up as they normally would at each turning platform. Instead I had to turn a crank and pull some ropes, causing the next stairs to come towards me.  Once I did this, I had to crawl under a tight space to start my accent. Once to the top I sat at my cubicle and started working again.

ThE eNd

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“Farm House-Lunch Break Dream”

  1. On July 29th, 2010 at 8:50 am Susan Deets Says:

    Gosh Becky! What did you have for dinner? Am I the large sloppy lady cuz you described my butt to a “T”. I had Chinese food and had an equally very strange dream….however, my dreams never involve getting naked like yours seem to! Hahahaha!

  2. On July 29th, 2010 at 6:43 pm becky Says:

    Well no that was my mother in law BUT she does NOT have a butt like that. Even in my dream I thought something was weird about that on her! Lol!

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