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Middle School Gym Dream (nap)


I was hurrying to get to gym class. I had just found out that I had not actually completed a gym class in the past.  Matt and I rushed away to a hardware store to pick some stuff up and I was worried I would be late for my 2pm-something class.

I felt I was running late so I said goodbye to Matt and hopped on a bike.  I merged into traffic (a long line of bicyclists) where  I finally made it to the boat dock.  This is where I needed to catch the ferry over to the gym class.

I realized as we were heading over that this gym class wasn’t in high school but in middle school!  I walked through the lobby and talked with a young boy in charge of lockers.  I needed to get one to put my clothes in.

At first, he had given me a locker on the fourth floor in a maze of  hallways. I asked for one on the main floor because as I told him, I hadn’t been to middle school in years.

I walked to the teacher’s lounge and poked my head in to make sure I was actually supposed to be at middle school (instead of at the high school). I had forgotten my purse in Matt’s truck so I didn’t have my ID on me but the lady looked me up and said I was supposed to take a whole year’s worth of gym. I told her that I was under the impression that I was only supposed to take a quarter.

A large man with glasses went to go find my transcripts so I made small chat with the teachers sitting down about to start their meeting.  I saw a few old teachers of mine walk by and I waved.  They said I was looking good.

I turned into an old lady with curly white hair and I began to tell the teachers how I was going to revolutionize the middle school gym experience.  I was going to be a teacher/camp like counselor and make gym a fun experience.  Walking into the gymnasium, the kids were roll playing a Salem witch trial.  I said that the kids shouldn’t be shackled to the chairs and that they should have fun.

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