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Fruit Fight Dream


My classmates and I were given fruit cakes as awards for getting questions right in class. Our desks were arranged in rows and sitting in a courtyard on the grass.

The teacher had yes/no questions and seemed fairly straight forward for the other students.  When it got to my turn, the question I got was theoretical and didn’t have just a “yes” or “no” answer.

I fought with the teacher and the class that it was not simply definitive. This went on for a while, dividing the class.  I got VERY mad and uptight about it (almost stormed away.)

The teacher wanted to have a strawberry award versus blueberry award volleyball game.  I didn’t participate because I was still upset and the strawberries near me on the floor didn’t get counted.  I threw them over to them when they found out that their count was off.

Class was over and we were cleaning up fruit and the pallets they came on.  There were many and they seemed to start piling up on top of each other. To get out of the mess, we had to climb escalators. Those carrying strawberries had to go on one escalator and those carrying blueberries on another.

Someone didn’t like that I was on the wrong escalator and made it stop moving so that I would turn around. I refused and pushed my way up and once at the top, I stopped the escalator on the other side where my teacher was.  This made things worse.

We started shoving the fruit fairies (small girls in fruit clothing) into crates to clean up faster. It looked like yogurt cups being put into 6-pack trays. I was doing it wrong and others were too.  The crates and fruit fairies grew to the size of a small construction site.

Then crates were piling up around us and we couldn’t get out.  We had to have the people at the top send crates back down for us to stand on.  We also were told to undo the packing job that we did and section off by fruit.  Instead of just a couple of fruits, there were raspberry fairies, grape fairies, cherry fairies, etc etc.

I started throwing strawberry fairies up to those collecting them.  It got messy because some people didn’t want me throwing fairies while others kept taking crates out from under my feet.

I finally got out to the top of the mound and ran out of the school to catch the bus.  On my way, I grabbed some wood boards and knocked at the posts holding up the school ceiling in defiance.

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