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Octopus Dogs Dream


I was taking a bath when I noticed a pink octopus/jelly fish creature about the size of a dog swimming at my feet.  It was pink and smiled at me with a dog-like face.  I hugged it and then put it back in the water but it started to suck on my knee.  I was worried that it was trying to eat me!

I got out and it followed me out with dog legs in addition to his octopus legs.  I walked into a kitchen with very high/ dark ceilings.  I put the dog-topus in a barrel outside the kitchen window and it splashed about trying to get out.  I asked Matt if he brought this and another dog-topus in the house and he said he did.  I explained that I really didn’t want them in the house.  As I was speaking, the dog-topus started climbing in through the kitchen window.

A purple dog-topus was outside trotting towards a back door and I decided to ignore them and paint the kitchen walls instead.

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