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Monster Creature Dream


I was leaving a country church service, looking for my green van in the parking lot.  I was given a little boy/creature that I loaded up in the van and then put in a cage in my downstairs living room.

The little boy/creature was bald, naked and had fangs.  He was more of an animal than human and sneaky.  It was hard to trust that my cage and locks would work and I felt very uneasy about him leaving my sight.  I told those around me that I hated having him in my house.  I was afraid he would escape and harm me.

I went out with some friends and looked at some dog clothes that were cute.  The outfits sold out while we were there.  When I got back to the house, there was another creature upstairs in a cage that was delivered when I was gone.  I did not want to stay there anymore.

ThE eNd

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