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Taylor Swift Meeting Dream


While walking on a city street, I saw Taylor Swift crossing the street in front of me.  I called out her name and she crossed back over towards me and my friends.  She hugged me and my friends took pictures of us.  She was in street clothes with her hair pulled back.

She told me that she had a little boy but that no one knew about it because it would be bad for her reputation if people knew.  I found that interesting and then she went on her way.

My friends said that they had taken video.  I was pretty excited to see it but they started to download it to their computer before I watched it.  Some kind of interference made the video turn into one of Taylor Swift’s music videos, overwriting our meeting.  I was upset because I didn’t get a chance to even see it and now it was lost forever.

I did get to see one picture that turned out but it was just Taylor laughing and nothing to prove I had met her.

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