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Countryside Parade Dream


I was riding my bike on a very sunny, warm day, in by the farm lands around my neighborhood.  I was leading my sister who was driving a maroon minivan.  Feeling like I was getting lost I turned onto a road lined with trees which led me to a busy intersection.

Crossing our path was a parade!  I thought that this was odd since there was no audience, houses, or anything around.  Almost circus-like there were acrobats on unicycles, juggling while men dressed as bears pranced in the street.

I turned right and realized that I was going the wrong way.  I jumped into her van and felt very warm as I explained the situation to her. Sliding out of the van, I mounted my bike leading her the opposite direction, tailing the parade. When we got to our picnic spot, we talked about how odd that parade in the middle of the farm land was!

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