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Chaos Work Dream


I was in a dark office space where my co-workers were playing basketball at one end.  I was upset that they would break something.  The whole place was very crowded with employees.  I had to push my way through crowds to get to my desk.

I was leading people to a meeting room and one co-worker came out of a dressing room wearing a black leather trench coat.  His hair was long and he had side burns.  I didn’t say anything but he looked weird.

A guest in the meeting room asked if she could have some of the peach ice cream that was in the break room.  I told her that there may be vanilla but not peach.  I went to double check but the fridge was very dark and packed full.  I found only cookies and cream ice cream.

In the print room I looked around for tomatoes up on shelves by the ceiling.  I had a couple of co-workers go up there to fetch them for me.

There was a large window covered with layers of ice.  I was concerned that this could be a problem.

I was to take those in the meeting on a wooden raft out in the icy waters.  The raft started to sink and I slid off to paddle them back to the shore.  One co-worker told me to keep my feet dry when I was already waste deep in the water.

When I got back to the office, I wanted to crawl in my bed at my cubicle.  The blankets had white paint on them and a co-worker was painting the wall.  I yelled at him for getting paint on my bed and started to punch at him.

I left work and headed to a dinner party.  Finding a spot in the parking lot, I went in and met up with my cousins whom I have either never met or barely met.  I hugged them all long and tight.  I began to ask them if they had worn braces when they were younger.  They said they had and I felt that this confirmed something important.

An old relative came over and I hugged him too.  He frowned at me and walked into an office, shutting the door behind him.

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“Chaos Work Dream”

  1. On October 28th, 2010 at 5:37 pm Lisa Whitehead Says:

    Hey Becky! Oh, I SO love being in your dreams! I’d also love a long, tight hug too since we’ve never had the chance – not YET anyway!

    I did wear braces… but the only thing i think it might confirm is that I had crummy teeth!! Michelle had perfect teeth, and Monica wore them, but only for a short time.

    Love You!

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