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Detailed Dreams


I went into a small grocery store.  It was in the mall and had glass windows facing out to the mall.  An Indian man ran it and I remember him having a tiny stuffed bear toy and it was wearing glasses.  The bear had a heart shaped pillow in its hands and it said “food”.  The Indian man kept putting the bear up to the window to see the food court… even though they were in a grocery store.  I left for a meeting and came back later to see a piece of paper on the ground that read “be back at 11” and then I left.  I ended up at marching band practice (gee, band is imbedded in my brain) and had to follow my sister in the melophone section.  After that I went to Tiffany Bell’s house (I haven’t seen her since high school graduation!) and we ate Butterfinger candy bars, drank wine and fed hummingbirds at her patio door.  We watched the traffic going by outside her window and commented how that would be annoying in the morning.  She had to leave so I went out the patio door and passed by a half melted snow man on the side of her driveway… She had a very tall house!  Later I went back to band and separated all of the kids who were talking too much.

ThE eNd

Wait, you can read things in your dreams? I thought the human brain’s lateralization didn’t allow for that. Eh, that’s probably just a myth of science though.

Posted by Ben on Mar 4, 2007 7:23 PM

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