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Purse Sewing Project



To go with my handbag accessories, I decided to make a purse. In order to fit all of my accessories, I needed a larger purse for daily use. I haven’t used a pattern since middle school but as hard as I thought it would be, it wasn’t difficult at all! I used a See & Sew pattern and modified only a couple of details. I felt it necessary to add an additional inside pocket for pens and coin purse (as seen below).

The entire project took me roughly 8 hours to do (which included quilting the main fabric). I was mostly happy with how it turned out although when the pockets are full, the lining material is pulled down, collapsing in on the open purse space. That is not too large of a problem, however if I had designed it, that wouldn’t happen.

It was nice to be able to learn a few new tricks (like how to use a zipper foot) and use new tools (pattern haha) in sewing!


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“Purse Sewing Project”

  1. On May 6th, 2009 at 9:25 am Morning Toast Says:

    That purse is awesome. When you had it at Aaron’s I thought it was one you bought until you said you made it. Forget selling paintings – sell your purses!! People like my mother would buy those fast.

    And don’t forget all the baby moms – they love those soft purses for carry all the baby stuff. Just make one that is a little bigger for diapers and crap and you’re set.

    If you can those things done in one day then you got something there.

    Good job!!

  2. On May 6th, 2009 at 11:53 am becky Says:

    That would be cool although doing one in one day would be straining… Has be done over a few days (if I am working full time too :0) ) I did another “purse” for a co-worker’s balloon air compressor bag that I will post on here soon too.

    Unfortunately, Americans feel that everything should be priced like Walmart and they don’t understand that buying the handmade item is like buying my time. My time is worth more than they want to spend unfortunately :0(

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