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Past My 5 Year Warranty



Matt jokingly commented tonight, as he helped me get up from the couch, that I must have only had a five year warranty.  Shortly after my chuckles intensified the shooting pain, I was also reminded that yesterday was our 6.5 year anniversary.  That made me think again  that time is flying by faster and faster, and I am no longer a kid.

I find that I can no longer work or play as I used to.  After lifting wood that was much to heavy for me (last summer and this spring), and bouncing my self all over the yard as I mow for 3-4 hours a week (over the last 4 years), that fact is finally sinking in.

Most likely because of this, I am having some sciatic problems and just had my second chiropractic adjustment this evening.  On Friday, I was pretty convinced that something was off when I saw my x-ray displaying my crooked backbone!  I don’t know what I did to flare up the nerve in the last couple of days, but this is the worst that it has ever been.  They “warned” that I may feel worse before I feel better, but that isn’t encouraging.

There are only 9 visits left out of 12 that my insurance covers, so here’s hoping that is enough time for my alignment or “tune-up” to get me going. The following maintenance will have to be done without the professionals.

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“Past My 5 Year Warranty”

  1. On July 14th, 2009 at 10:02 am Hannah Says:

    Does your chiro practice Active Release Technique? If not, see if you can find one in your area who does. ART might help more than adjustments alone:

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