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Becky Gehrisch Online Dream Disclaimer


The dreams expressed by the author on this website do not necessarily reflect the actual views of the author or that of any real life human being on the planet. The author assumes no responsibility whatsoever if you happen to be easily offended and/or have a low tolerance for the psychological image weaving of said author’s brain, or if you happen to take what she says seriously since it is obvious to everyone else that she is completely warped.

If you feel that you have been offended, not offended, or somewhat offended, the writer will take full responsibility and blame in the court systems of her dream world where the offense occurred as well as any liability or litigation that results in said dream world from anything thought about or upon, in or as a direct result of anything pertaining to her brain synapses. The offensiveness, proper grammar, spelling, clarity of thought and/or level of comprehension of all dreams and writings are in no way guaranteed nor should you expect them in any way, shape or form.

Although you may moronically and wrongfully assume otherwise, this website does not offer anything other than an insight into the dream world and mundane events and/or experiences of the author and a chance to laugh or relate to or at the author, yourself and others’ self, life, or dreams. If you have been named in the content of the dreams from this website, you may do nothing about it, since it pertains to another realm of reality. You are not required to read the content written on this website.

The author takes no responsibility whatsoever for the damages that this website may inflict upon you, your family, your friends, your cat, your favorite book, or any other living or non-living entity in your imagination or vicinity pertaining to the authors dream life and will not remove dreams, posts, materials, content or named individuals having to do with some or none of the following: flying humans, hairy toilets, sexual content, language, farting frogs, singing celebrities, talking pets, morbidity, religious disgust, explosive swamps, violent deer, etc., just because the reader may be easily offended.

I would like to thank The Offended Blogger for inspiring this disclaimer.

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