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Lady Gaga Test Dream


I was in college studying Lady Gaga.  I was on my way to meet with the teacher’s assistant to discuss my final test grade.  I was certain that I did not deserve the “B” I was given.  When I reached the room, I saw Lady Gaga grading papers at her desk and continued on my way to discuss my grade.  I saw a bunch of Lady Gaga’s shoes in a closet and decided to try them on.  I completely forgot about my grade and decided that I may have deserved the “B” after all.

I walked over to Lady Gaga and thanked her for letting me try on her shoes and then I walked up a narrow stairwell to ground level.

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World War II Hitler Dream


I was living underground a hay field during WWII.  I ventured out from my burrow in the winter, and while still night, a friend and I started racing our sleds toward town.  I was parallel to the country road and over some hills I could see the Nazis driving toward me.  At the speed I was sledding, there was no way to stop so I laid as close to the ground as I could and sped by.

Once in town I hid in an old white house.  The entryway was large and opened up all the way to the ceiling.  I ran upstairs and hid in the bedroom. I was now dressed in an old Southern dress and I heard Bing Crosby downstairs talking with Nazi soldiers.  He was saying that we had no more and they should leave.

There was an explosion and the house was mostly destroyed.  Looking down into the hall, I saw Hilter and Bing Crosby fighting each other.  It was very dramatic as Bing swung and missed while Hitler laughed standing above him.  Bing jumped up and shot Hitler in the head but before I could relax, Hilter had not been affected by the bullet.  Almost zombie-like, Hitler came charging at Bing.   I ran down and grabbed a board and started whacking Hilter on the head. He finally died. I hugged Bing and all was well.

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Laundromat Business Dream


I had just started working at a water treatment plant in an old laundromat.  As I was cleaning up behind the counter, some ladies came in wanted me to wash their clothes.  I was confused at first but then explained that we were no longer a laundromat.  The ladies said that the old sign was still up outside.  Telling them we would fix it, I ushered them out.  When I got outside, there was a long line of customers holding laundry baskets waiting for service.  I started to panic and went inside, crouched in a corner and hugged a co-worker.

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Homeless Adventure Dream


Matt and I were walking down a dark stairway outside in an alley.  The with lights lit up the night sky as we walked though.  Fences surrounded us and we saw the homeless sleeping under newspaper blankets.

We were homeless too.  Matt suggested that we find an empty piece of ground to sleep on but after sitting down, I told Matt that I wanted to keep going.  When we got up though, we were completely naked and heading down the stairs toward the busy city street.

An old elementary schoolmate was across the street and saw me completely naked.  She was with a group of friends and yelled out “Whoa look at Becky  naked!”  I put my head down and shuffled off in search of shadowy places.

Matt and I found some shirts and pressed on through the city.  I didn’t care what I put on as long as I was fully clothed and warm again.  I saw a pair of muddy men’s jeans on the side of the road and grabbed them up.  Once we were dressed, I was in search for transportation.

I found a red bicycle for Matt and me to ride away on.  We found our condo and ran up the stairs to see if our stuff was still there.  Unfortunately, we had been robbed of all of possessions and they were replaced with goats, bunnies, kittens and ducks.  I said that I would rather have critters than the possessions.

I turned into an actress who was in a movie about my homeless experience.  This was a much more adventurous version of what happened.  I broke into buildings with Matt’s families looking for car parts only to find the workers still inside.  Apologizing we asked for the part and that we would pay them back later.  While leaving, we passed another family who was breaking in too and decided to just leave the item behind.

We ran into a factory and found pieces of bicycle that couldn’t fit together but before we got discouraged, Matt’s “actor” came with a giant bicycle as large as a car but with peddles.  He said it would hold all of our stuff.  We rode away but ended up on the top of a cliff.

We grabbed some zip lines and swooped off of the cliff face and over an expansive valley.  This was much more exciting than “real” life homelessness to the “actors” and much easier too.

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Hollywood Cat Audition Dream


I was at my childhood home running down the hill in the backyard. I was holding what looked like part of a lawn chair.  The wind caught under the meshing that I held and lifted me up in the air like a glider.  I could control how I moved so I floated up and down above my neighbors houses.  My cousin was on the patio below me so I came down to see her.

This was our first meeting ever so I hugged her and invited her into my house to meet the family.  We all bonded but she had to leave.  So a guy in a black compact car helped her with her stuff and I ran and jumped in the back seat because I wanted some more time with her.  We drove to JFK Airport in NYC but the airport looked like a castle.

We dropped her off and the guy asked me to take the car back.  I didn’t have shoes on but decided it wouldn’t matter much.  Before I could get in, a man had me bring my cat Willey with me to an operation room.  I was to put a mask and a witches hat on Willey and climb up a ladder.

If I could stand on the ladder with her and have her be calm, she would be in Hollywood Movies. Willey did pretty good.  We didn’t stay up an hour and she squirmed a bit when I tried putting the hat on her.

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Ice Water Slide Dream


Dream #1

I was on a hike with friends when we spotted an old ice water slide. The slide was built into the side of a cliff.  We were told that it stopped being used because of the design being out of date.  Some people went to the top and started sliding down it.  I joined them and from the top of the slide I became pretty nervous about sailing down it.  I decided to just go for it and let go of the sides and slid away.  I bounced up from the slide and came back down and slid the rest of the way down very fast.

At the bottom I thought that it was pretty fun.  I looked at the slide and all the way to the top were pairs of shoes.  Each pair was by a marking on the slide that listed a year.  We were told that each year that the slide was used, a pair of shoes was set by the year.  It was very interesting to see all the changes in shoe fashion over the 100 years the slide was in use.

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Dream #2

I went to play volleyball at my old church.  I was doing pretty well until it was my turn to serve the ball.  It wouldn’t go over the net as if the ball were as light as a piece of paper.  The lady coach decided that since I was having trouble, the whole team would have to go to a practice session.  I was pretty upset that the team had to go through it because of me.

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Travel Dream


I got on a raft with Matt and some others and we zoomed down a river.  I thought that the green-blue water was such a beautiful shade so I tried touching it.  As I reached in, someone told me that we were skimming over sand and that it would hurt to touch it.  I fell back and banged my elbow on a stone that was jetting out of the water off the other side of the boat.

The river was low and the banks rose above our heads.  Overhanging trees made our trip shaded and peaceful.  We came upon a part of the bank that had campers resting.  We looked through an opening and said hi very quietly as if we were aliens.  They were happy to see us and we moved on.

We got to a restaurant and hopped off of the raft.  I made my way through the crowd and realized that I wanted to be back on the raft.  I squeezed passed people sitting at cafe tables and entered a dark hallway.  I called for “fritz” the dog and he came running.  I told the people behind me that he wasn’t mine but that I was taking care of him.

He ran ahead and I wasn’t worried.  Every once in a while, I would call his name and he would appear from out of the dark corners somewhere.  When I got to the end of the hall, there was a large room with lights.  I started playing the room as a video game.  I didn’t even know what I was doing but I quickly pressed my thumbs down onto the controller and I racked up a lot of points.

My mom asked me what I was doing but I didn’t know.  Once the room was a room again, I realized that I won the game. I went to tell my gramma and she was happy for me.  She was living in a home that was very dirty and half torn up.  It resembled a cold, haunted house.  My aunt commented that someone had torn the upholstery off of the top of the couch and now the top was just all blackened.

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Theater Star Dream


I was walking through a high school that was just redecorated with flat screen tv’s all over the walls.  A girl caught my arm and said that I should try out for the play.  I said that I wasn’t good at that kind of thing and that I drove so far every day and wouldn’t want to drive down for rehearsals.  She insisted.

I went with her on stage and was given a line to say:  “live”.  I asked the director what the context was.  She smiled and came up and hugged me saying that my question was what she was looking for.

Once I stared acting I discovered that I was pretty good.  My character was the oldest sister in “Little Women”.  I wore a long dress and had a feather hat.

When the tryout was over, I started to drive home but turned around.  I wanted to know if I had made it or not.  I went to the dressing room and saw that the cast was sitting around voting on those who auditioned.  They welcomed me in and said that the voting was almost complete and that I was the one they wanted.

I was very excited and told myself that I would make the rehearsal schedules work.

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Moose BBQ Dream


Matt told me that there were some moose down by the railroad track that had been killed.  He wanted us to go gather them and take them home to eat even thought it would be illegal.

I agreed and we went down to the tracks but there was a lodge right next to it and there were a group of old men around a fire pit sitting next to the two moose.

We looked at the the moose and they had really long noses that looked like logs.  The old men decided to share some moose with us and it was some good BBQ moose!

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Zombie Attack Dream


I was staying in a very large cottage/lodge.  There were large widows throughout and while pillars throughout.  A disease came into the house and made the people staying there zombies.  A little girl walked up to me and her face switched into a gnarly, rotting zombie face.  I ran from her and the next person I found turned at me as a zombie.   I ran to the kitchen and found a knife to protect myself with.


There was a knock at the door and I begged the others not to open it.  A zombie burst through the door and I started stabbing him.  He kept coming at me so I swung a hatchet at his neck, cutting off his head.  I was so relieved, but still quite anxious.  Someone touched my shoulder and I spun around whacking the head off of Matt.  Seeing that Matt wasn’t a zombie, I told myself that it didn’t happen and he became whole again.

I continued to fight off the zombies until they were all hacked up.

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